African Americans are Americans of African origin whose populations are relatively smaller than other races in the United States, the African Americans are faced with clinical challenges as they seek for treatment on psychological problems. The stereotype of a black man has seriously led to radical change for most African Americans seeking therapy. The therapy can not give a solution to their problems, therefore the intervention through strategies discussed below can be applied in an effort to bring a lasting solution to the stigmatization issue.

The major challenge that is faced by African American is stigmatization that is brought about by the white majority, the African Americans have developed mistrust on the white therapist due to stigmatization and believing things that does not exist. Those seeking therapy cannot dispense with the stigmatization that is brought about by those beliefs, who often seek treatment, the counseling method applied by most therapist has been given a negative outlook since it is seen as a white endeavor that works from a white- class value system. (Diala, 2001). Therefore there seem to have existed a high degree of suspicion and mistrust of the whole counseling profession consequently African American patrons typically does not open up enough in the initial stages.

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They barely share their problems not until they build trust in the therapist’s ability to acknowledge and be sensitive to their problems. The issue of holding back by the patients leads to their problem not being solved since they don’t fully participate in helping the therapists address their issues. (Alegria, 2002).Therefore the major clinical issue that often crops up from most of the interviews is the problem of mistrust by the part of African Americans on the white therapists, African Americans are continuously being affected by racism, class differences, colorization which encompasses all aspect of their lives including treatment. Many African Americans focus on therapist of color finally never discuss their problems with white therapist this results to their problem not being solved   (Daumit, 2003).

African Americans seeing experts in treatment are faced with social stigmas that are related to mental illnesses. They fear being seen as crazy people by both the therapist and the society. (Lugaila, 2004)They therefore as a result withhold their problem and even ignore subsequent therapeutic solutions to their problem leading to insufficient treatment, they African Americans who are dogmatic and religious in most cases collide with the therapist view which they consider non- religious. This may consequently bring conflict and misunderstanding for patients rather than solving their problem lack of openness on the part of African Americans to the white therapist who need their participation when being questioned on particular issues that affect them in order to carryout a diagnosis for their treatment, discrimination on the African Americans by the whites is an issue that has brought about a high level of mistrust between the African American and the white therapists. (Dodson, 2009).

Therefore the theories below provide strategies of solving the clinical challenges facing The African Americans  Intervention to solving the challenge based on the theory of belonging The theory of belonging applies the following practical strategic measures that can be applied in solving these problems.

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