This photo is full of different colors. There are many shades of black, brown, grey, yellow, blue and white colors. It makes the photo picturesque and living. It seems that you look out your window and see all these things. In this photo, we cannot see something unnatural or unusual. It is a representation of the place that is particular to the separate state or country or city, where we can observe the river and such landscape. It attracts attention of the viewer by its representation of such a beautiful moment. It is a fusion of the brightness of the Sun and darkness of the clouds. It makes the photo unusual from the philosophical point of view. We can consider it, as a clash of the two contrasts. There are two contrasts between colors. Though, that is not the half of it, because we can see contrasts between the sun and night, light and darkness, urban area and pristine nature, good mood and bad mood, speaking about the people and so on. All things in this photo are positioned in such way in order to highlight the center and the upper edge of the photo. It helps to make viewer to take pleasure from seeing such fine moment of the life of our planet.   

In this picture, author preferred to highlight the sunset or sunrise. He put it in the center of the picture. It is difficult to define in general, what is the aim of this picture. We will discuss it later in our essay.

In the whole, this photo is made of darkest tones of colors, and in the same time of the brightest ones, we can observe the light of the sun in the middle of the photo and there is the clear space of light between the dark clouds. This photo is made of strong contrast between the darkness of the clouds and the light of the sun.  Clouds look like the thunderclouds, so we can say that the photo depicts the moment after the rain. Judging by the orange color in the background it is sunset or dawn. Under the skies, we see the water and reflection of light of the sun, i.e. the rays of light in the shape of the stripe and directed to the coast or sea wall. Along the coast, there is the town with small houses and port buildings; it can be small fisher’s hovels or something like that. There are no big cranes and skyscrapers. There are only small one and two storey buildings. It is hard to define what this image is of, but there is one saying coming to my mind after seeing it: After a storm comes calm. It was the rain and storm, but after it came calmness and the sun came out from the clouds.  From the one hand, we can interpret it as there is no reason to lose the hope, because after the upheaval always comes peace. It works with every situation of our life. From the other, we can say that we need to take few steps to achieve something that is hidden by clouds, and we are not to wait for the better moment. It is a perfect place to calm and think about something. It is an oasis of purity and silence. Even being near the city, here you can see only water and sun, and somewhere far away we can see signs of humanity. If there is a possibility to make something, we have to take it without delays. It is from the philosophical point of view. If we treat this photo without any deeper understanding, we can see it as a beautiful landscape. Specifically, this photo is a piece of art. As for me, I think this photo is the gorgeous one. 

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