On being a woman and her gender roles Mrs. Doe has the responsibilities that she shares with her husband. The work is shared equally. Infact the husband allows her to take much time in her studies rather than being in the kitchen. The household chores are before her since the husband is taking the harder tasks. She does the cooking as her first responsibility. Though she claims that she loves cooking, it's her gender duty to do so as society has it that it is the responsibility of a woman to prepare food for her family. This is common among many races and different cultures of the world. Some of the leisure activities she enjoyed in the US include swimming, volley ball, roller skating, badminton and basket ball.

The historical perspective about the woman's work is that all the household work that includes preparing food for the family. The other responsibility that she does in her position as a woman as gender categorizes is doing the cleaning inside   the house. This ranges from cleaning the dishes or a utensil, washing the clothes in the houses, making sure the house itself is clean plus any other kind of cleaning that may be there in the house. This is the work the society in its division of roles and duties a woman is suppose to do.

On the issue of children, Mrs. Doe is responsible for taking care of the children, bathing them and making sure that they are well fed. She also has to make sure that they eat food and sleep well. All these are the responsibilities given to her not just as a woman but being a mother.

These duties are best done mothers as they understand their children better. The contemporary status of a woman is depicted as a caretaker of her own children. Mrs. Doe does the shopping as part of the responsibilities among many other chores that were not were not mentioned that she does in her gender position as a woman.

On being a woman in her socioeconomic context

Doe's socioeconomic status seems to be brighter given the fact that she is a woman. To begin with her education status, she has a Bachelors degree in Arts with a major on the Business Administration. She also has an MBA from Cal State University Fullerton, Fullerton California. Being an outstanding achiever in term of her Academic career, this has not been easy for her as she had to struggle through her schooling life. While still a young girl after they had just migrated to The United States she had not realized the importance of working hard in school so as to get good grades that could secure her a job enabling her to lead a good life in future. The family has a joint account where the family deposit and withdraw the money to be used in the family.

On realizing the importance of working hard, this became her sole responsibility. She could go to the library twice a week. Doe was also lucky to be brought up by educated parents as her father was a petroleum engineer while her mother was a teacher. She did not therefore have problems assessing her education. She has worked as a preschool teacher before working as a patient care supervisor at Pacific Alliance Hospital. She is however currently working as a Gain Social worker supervisor at Department of Social Services a position she has held for more than seven years. This is contrary to the Cambodia where women are not allowed to hold senior positions.

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On considering her social status, she considers herself a middle income earner resulting into middle class family.  To qualify her claims she lives in a middle class neighborhood. This is contrary with the Cambodia where people are classified into classes especially by the Indian and Chinese traders. She is though surrounded well to do neighbors of White European decent and some Korean families. She is also married and has three children. This shows how well she is in the socio-economic in the contextual as a woman.

On being a woman in her Race: Benefits and barriers

Mrs. Doe is an immigrant who migrated to the U.S  in 1980's with her parents she was still a young  girl in her tender age and did not realize that till when she was a grown up. The parents had migrated to the United State mainly in search for better life for her life for her children and acquire their higher education. Doe's racial identity is a Cambodian with an Asian American ethnic group.

Unlike many immigrants who face several challenges when trying to make ends meet, Doe's case is different. Many immigrants do access quality education as they are not given the priority by the government but for her she managed to go through her education successfully. She even has a Masters and plans to pursue her PhD. Employment are a core issue for most immigrants. Entering the workforce is complex and is characterize by the existence of racial barriers to employment through racial discrimination. However for her case the there was no such discrimination as she manage to secure several jobs that she changed before settling on her current one.

The main reason as to way she might have not gone through what many immigrants go through is because her arrival in the U.S. was at tender age. Being a young child therefore gave the opportunity to grow in the U.S. just like any other American child. The people who might have faced this discrimination are her parents and not herself. Being immigrants from Cambodia, language barrier would act a source of employment and general social isolations. This might have also affected her parents and herself as she was very young and would learn English from her childhood.

On being a woman in her culture

The culture of a nation or group of people touches on some of the social issues ranging from the values in terms of education, sex, marriage and relationships. Though the western culture has found it way to many parts of the world, Doe who came from Cambodia was not immune from the western culture being part of her. She immediately got westernized and adopted the American culture.

A close look at her marriage reveals that she was very concern with observing this culture of marriage. Though she did not date his boyfriends in high school and college, she had always wanted to get a man who is of good personality, honest, responsible and a kind man. When the time came, she made the man who is now her husband while in college. She dated him for one year and later got married to him and three children with. On the issue of premarital sex, it is almost certain that this issue was a taboo in her family. She did not even at one time involve herself in the activity. Throughout her adolescent stage, she kept herself in trying to improve her grade. Even in college she did not date any of his boyfriends till she got her husbands. Some cultures prohibit premarital sex and hers must be one of them.

Her relationships are also unique has she did not fell in any relationship until she got married to her husband. Doe can therefore be said to have followed the requirements of her culture. Even in terms of the work she was doing, it can be argued that she was a focused woman who knew what she really wanted in her life.

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