Galileo Galilei was an Italian Physicist and Astronomer who is regarded as the pioneer of scientific method that is experimental. He used his telescope and made discoveries in the field of astronomy. Galileo came up with Mathematical descriptions that were based on daily experience and logics. As a professor of Astronomy-Pisa University he was obliged to teach the theory of the time on the nature of the planets. In doing this he taught that the sun and all the planets went round the earth. A new theory by Capernicus came up stating that the earth and other planets went round the sun. Galileo used his telescope and made observations which caused him to acknowledge that the Capernicus theory was correct. This made him to support this theory.

Galileo's support for the theory did not go well with the Church. This is due to the fact that the all powerful Church -Catholic of the time was against the Capernicus theory as it deemed it going against the Biblical beliefs and interpretations. In putting down his works over the theory it was difficult to publish due to the reaction that it could bring hence self censoring by publishers (Galileosunspots).

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In the year 1613, Marc Welser a German fellow went on publishing Galileo's work. Marc Welser was a wealthy German scholar born in Augsburg. He was sent to Rome at 16 years of age. He became more fluent in Greek and Italian. He went further in publishing books on antiquities of both Italy and Augsburg. Welser wrote a number of correspondents. Such included ones for Christoph Clavius. It is Clavius that convinced Welser that Galileo's discoveries were actually accurate and real hence Welser went ahead and published Galileo's work by using Lyncean Academy in 1613.

Marc Welser is acknowledged for his confidence in printing Galileo's work given the implications it could raise. Such are the implications that after the release of Galileo's discoveries, Galileo was forced to withdraw his theory and consequently he was put on house arrest. This explains why most authors of Galileo's work hide their names. They feared being victimized because of the contents.

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