Metro Inc. is a food dealer working in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The circle is based in Montreal, Canada. Metro is the jiffy major grocer in both Ontario and Quebec, after Lob law Companies Limited. There are 243 namesake food in Quebec, averaging 2 000 m² (22,300 upright feet) and 135 namesake food in Ontario.
Super C is the disregard supermarket split operated in Quebec with 60 food, averaging 4 000 m² (45,200 establish feet).

These supplies contribute to $1 billion of Metro's annual sales. In Ontario, Metro has 119 discount supermarkets under the Food Basics banner, which are very similar to the Super C food. Large Metro supplies in Quebec organize under the Metro Plus name. Metro also operates 142 convenience food under the Marché Richelieu banner. Moreover, it owns five secret labels: "Selection," "Irresistible," "Super C" (all fashioned by Metro); as well as "Equality" and "Master Choice" from the acquisition of A&P Canada.
In November 2007, Metro reported a 9.3% fuel in salary for the financial year ending September 29, 2007, making C$276.6 million in 2007 compared to C$253 million in 2006. Metro Inc. is not affiliated with Germany's METRO AG. Metro acquired 48 of 112 Steinberg's supermarkets when that crowd went bankrupt in 1992. This food was rebranded as "Super C" and "Metro" supplies. It acquired Loeb Stores from Lob laws in 1999. Some of the supplies were converted to "Super C," while others endless to manage as Loeb. The Super C stores in Ontario were converted to Food Basics. In 2009, the business converted all Loeb stores to Metro.

Lena’s Food Market
Lena is among the world biggest food markets. Following completion of its acquisition of A&P Canada on August 15, 2005, after beating out Sobeys in a behest war, Metro now has a group in Quebec and Ontario of 573 conventional and discount food stores, and 256 pharmacies. Metro holds the support largest bazaar share in the food distribution and retailing contract in Quebec and Ontario with nearly C$11 billion in sales and more than 65,000 employees. Lena operates its food stores under the banners Metro, Metro Plus, Super C, Food Basics, Marché Ami and Les 5 Saisons. Its pharmacies operate under the banners Brunet, The Pharmacy, Clini-Plus, and Drug Basics.
Lena's Food Marketed, Inc. operates food stores in Milwaukee. It offers vegetables and fruits that choice from asparagus to zucchini; recipes; and meats, including cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and fish. The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now we are all set to pen down the comparison and contrast among the services of all these food markets.

Compassion among their Services:

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Almost all the food markets have the same sort of services within their premises. Likewise the same, all these chosen companies have the same sort of services as well. Study shows that the customer orientations approach of all these companies are quite high and quality of the items all also high. The best thing lies among all these companies is that all these companies have the items which will be easily be afforded by any income class person (Kennedy, David; Lizabeth Cohen, Thomas Bailey 2006). All these companies have duly fulfilled the concept of demand and supply. Computerized billing system and online products checking are some great services package offered by all these markets. The best thing from the standpoint of the consumers is the availability of the products easily, so all these markets have their franchise open in almost all regions, which not only facilitate their consumers but also help them to increase their business. After sale services and giving great discounts on almost all the products are also some prominent services offered by these companies. Now, you people really thinks that if all these companies have similarities like these, then how we can say that the essence of contrast lies among their services. From the analysis, we have found that the employee’s facilitation dilemma is change in all these companies.

Contrast Among the Companies

Employees can be facilitating with two kinds of rewards, intrinsic rewards and extrinsic reward. Intrinsic rewards fulfill the appetite of a person from inner, while extrinsic rewards are used to fulfill the external factors of a person. When talking about the extrinsic rewards than the name of Performance Appraisal comes in the mind instantaneously. The subject of Performance Appraisal is quite common nowadays and we can find a huge amount of researches and literature on this mounting issue. It has been found that the employees of the Whole Sale market are more productive and satisfied as compared to other food market’s employees. The main thing lies in this difference is their employees facilitation stance. Comparatively, the benefit offered by the Whole Sale Food Market is quite high and that is the main thing which urged them to retain in the company. The company gives timely bonus, perks and other benefits to their employees to boost up their moral which is enough to content their inner appetite. Not only the extrinsic rewards which induce the employees of Whole Sale Food Market to be retain in the company, but it also counts the intrinsic rewards of their employees. The managers of the Whole Sale Food Market give extra care to their employees while the other food companies don’t.

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