1. What do you believe your children will study regarding the future of the United States?

USA is currently the world's most influential country economically, politically and in terms of military superiority. However, reports have shown that this is not what will be the situation thirty years from now. Our children will study a different history on how US used to be the most powerful country a few decades away. By that time, their major concern will be lack of enough social facilities, poor political structures and international hostility (Biddulph 23).

History is said to repeat itself and US is not exceptional. About a century ago, the British Empire, super power by then, declined due to economic crisis. Currently, USA is facing harsh conditions, due to political dysfunction, poor international relationships, social instability and economic upheaval. This is far beyond what faced Britain more than 100 years ago. Economists argue that during the year 2010, American has experienced financial changes that have not benefited the American people in any way. They farther predict that the trend is going to continue for many years to come if current economic policies are not changed.

Social facilities such as good health care and facilities to assist during national catastrophes are current not adequate in US due to political involvement and incompetence administration. If the government does not reform current policies, USA will have social, political and economic stability will decline in future and is once being a super power will be history to generations to come (Burman 144).

2. Will the United States still be a super power or will it be diminished? Explain. If diminished who will replace us? Why and how?

Research has shown that USA will not be a super power probably thirty years from today. Its influence, economic, social and political stability will decline in future unless something is done by the current policy makers. Currently, USA has neglected most of its domestic political, economic and social issues and this does not only affect its current state but also its future stability (Jacques, 112).

USA is going to experience unstable international relations especially with countries from the east where its current influence on the fight against terrorism is great. Lack of support from other countries close to it will have immense negative effects to its military superiority. Most of its political, social and financial structures will no longer be effective due to lack of resources resulting to domestic instability. Unable to handle its domestic issues, US will not be able to maintain its influence over other nations hence losing its superiority (Jacques, 116).
It should be noted that international systems formed during the Second World War are going to change and superiority will probably shift to the east where great achievements have been made in terms of industrialization since the Second World War. Countries such as China, Japan, Russia, south and North Korea are expected to be among the influential countries globally (Nye 75-76).

Researches conducted by both economists and political analyst, is likely to be the next superpower after US. China has made a tremendous progress in terms of industrialization and innovations since the second world two. Its economy is growing gradually and it is currently the highest in terms of importation of industrial raw materials and export of industrial products. More so, China has established good international relationships with other countries especially in Africa where it has funded many development projects which was initially done by the USA government.

3. Will the next generation have a higher or lower standard of living? How and why?

The next generation in the USA is likely to have lower standard of living than it is today. The US government has neglected most of its domestic responsibilities due to its recent concern in international recognition especially in military superiority. Most of the social institutions in the US are no longer effective resulting to poor health care facilities, poor or lack of education to children, rise in crime and drug abuse among the teenagers. This provides a weak foundation for the future generation both socially and economically (Canton 84).

US politics have also changed and matters of national unity and state continuity are no longer considered important. Politicians are only concerned on how to achieve their political interests and those of their parties. This has made USA to have no vision which is very dangerous as far as living standards of the generations to come is concerned. If no concerns are made on USA future stability then its future generations will have lower living standards than it is to day (Foy, 37).

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Another threatening issue is lack of industrialization and technological development. USA has achieved less development in terms of industries and technology since the Second World War two when compared to nations such as China. This is a clear indication that there will be more cases on unemployment in the US in future. USA has is currently using most of its nonrenewable resources in war or war related activities other than concentrating in domestic stability both politically and economically. In future these resources will no longer be there and generation of then will have to experience economic constraints and consequently low living standards (Foy, 48)

4. What can we do now to insure a favorable history for our children's future?

Present determines future and consequently, history for our children relies on our current actions. It is the responsibility of all the US citizens to shape the future for the generation to come so that they can have favorable history. The US government has the responsibility of establishing favorable and long term international relationship with other countries. This will ensure that future generations will have peaceful relationships with other countries (Society for the Advancement of Education 74). USA people should put more concern on economic development projects rather than using most of its resources in military superiority. This will enable US to have enough infrastructures to cater for all its citizens in future. US should also ensure that all its youngsters have access to quality education and have employment. This will stop them from involving in unethical activities such as crime and drug abuse hence assuring them bright future. US should also establish industries within the country and ensure that all public financial institutions are well managed to sustain its current economy and financial future development projects.

USA should also ensure excellent political systems that promote democracy for all both nationally and internationally. USA politicians should promote implementation of policies that respond to the needs of the American people and not those that only help them to achieve short term political power. This will ensure that USA remains both economically and politically superior for many years to come. When all this achieved, our children will have a favorable history studying about the success of their predecessors (Burman 56).

5. What will be the status of the War on Terror? In this context, will there be a new "World Order"?

Currently, war on terror is controlled by USA in which it fights most the Middle East countries that are believed to involve in terrorism activities. As time goes, this might come to change with China being the new super power. The countries from the east might turn to revenge against Americans and China will have to control war against terror. This means that the war on terror will be from east to western countries. China will try to bring peace between the Americans and the Middle East countries (Dorn 117).

"World order "is a term used to refer to the anticipated global political and economical unity among all countries. A new world order might not be realized due to differences in economy, governance and religion. Talking of economy, there are countries that have communism while others practice capitalism and it is therefore not possible to unite these countries to one global economy. It will be difficult to convince countries that believe in communism to change into capitalism and vice versa. Another barrier to "world order" is difference in political organization among different countries. Different countries have different political structures where some have presidents as their leaders and others by kings. It will not be possible to change these countries into one political system (Cox 66).

It should be noted that shift in economy from west to the east will not balance global economy. On the contrary, countries from the east will experience economic superiority over other world countries. Therefore, it will not be possible to unite countries with different political and economic policies to be controlled by same policies. There must be those in power and those that are subject others. This will hinder actualization of the idea of "world order".

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