It is a fact that there are various kinds of people in the world. There exists diversity in the human nature and workability. People differ in many aspects as the skin color, the language spoken, the kind of culture that raised them up, and the ethnic groupings that they belong to.  Through the various characteristics that people belong to, one is able to identify that this individual belongs to this particular setting and not any other. In the world that we live now, identity is one of the crucial and most wanted characteristics in the life of an individual. It is a concept that has to derive a meaningful and extensive explanation for people to fully understand it. In it is a specific part that captures on the theoretical living of the individual. Moreover, as the course materials explored into, identity is mostly used in political establishments in the world of today (Rajchman, 1998).

Nature has it that people belong to different settings in the society. These are based on the deliberation of the gender, ethnicity and races that exist among people. First and foremost, there are various explanations that endeavor to bring out the origin of the various identities that people clutch to. From my own point of view, the many explanations and expressions that people put across are meaningful and legitimate.  In life, people are pound to interact with one another at many instances. These interactions are actually the causes of, or rather the derivation of the identity that people have (Hughes & Fergusson, 2004).

As I interact with my friends in school and also out of school, we develop characteristics that will be depicted in out lives. These interactions takes the perspectives of the use of language, the likes and the dislikes of an individual, the nature and type of the background that an individual comes from, among others. There are various structures in the society that take part in shaping the identity in us. As we interact with these characteristics, we develop innate personality that will determine our way of doing things in life. Moreover, they will be able to typify into the kind of behavior that is in an individual. The gender that an individual belongs to normally identify the kind of distinctiveness he will have before other people. Moreover, the aspect of social class plays a huge role in the determination of the kind of identity that will be exposed by an individual. Besides this, there is also the aspect of culture. This is the way we universally express ourselves before others as members of a particular setting (Hughes & Fergusson, 2004).

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As far as identity is developed, it must be nurtured in order for it to grow. In a natural human setting, it is common for a young growing child to be nurtured in the right way for him to grow and manage to the limit that has been set by the society or the family; so does identity. First and foremost, society comprises of various people who take part in different activities.  This therefore means that people can be grouped in various groupings as per the kind of the activities that they do. In these groupings, they are able to interact and act together for the betterment of their lives. In the real sense, they are actually developing the kind of identity that people will perceive them with. This also takes to the perspectives of the gender and the roles that people participate in. Moreover, the social structures are responsive for the multiplicity in the identity of assorted individuals.

In life, there are various explanations that try to bring out the aspects of identity. They are theories and practices that people engage in as part of their daily life. The kind of domestic living that people depict is a true reflection of the kind of identity they explore. If an individual comes from a society that has been depicted to be of high class, he will be identified in the same way one identifies the class of the family he comes from (Rajchman, 1998).

There are various instances that have been proved to persuade the change of identity of an individual or a group of people. The ever changing technology has been seen to be the source of the changing cultures in the world. This has resulted in the shift of the nature and the view of the identity that was originally in place. For instance in the United Kingdom, people have been witnessed to change their identity due to the ever changing technology and the inflow of ideas to the nature of life. The various political identities have also been presumed to be among the causes of the change in people's identity that has been experienced in the world (Rajchman, 1998).

We are able to make sense of ourselves and the circumstances around us. This is because of the identity that we have as human beings. The impact of the identity that people have among themselves is mainly the sources of the national identity that will be portrayed by an individual. In the world of changing times, identity is anticipated to change and might be transforming to another level that may be more than it is today (Rajchman, 1998).

In conclusion, identity is an aspect in life that categorizes people in various levels of understanding. We are identified mainly by what we do, what we say and what we belief in. all these aspects are subject to the kind of learning and the experiences that people undergo in life.

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