21st century has been associated with the use of hard drugs like heroin, cocaine among others by the young generation. In the current world, almost half of its population comprises of the young generation whose efforts are very important for the development purposes within a country. The youth's efforts are equally important for the achievement of the stipulated goals and objectives. Despite being of great importance to the country, many of them have engaged in the prevailing social evils such as use of drugs. Use of heroin by the youths is mainly as a result of peer pressure. An individual opts to taste certain drugs his or her friend uses it. Further, use of drugs has also been associated with what the individuals watch from media facilities. Taking the bull by its horns, it is quite certain that today's media facilities display erosive materials which are totally contrary to traditions, norms and culture.

The ad on anti heroin usage has enhanced the use of the logical appeal to argue the effects of heroin as a drug. The logo has used a single individual, more precisely a young man to display how heroin can ruin or rather deteriorate someone's health. The young man used as an example is a good representation of many young individuals who ruins their lives as a result of heroin use. Audiences are therefore persuaded to deductively think on the negative effects and dangers those drug users' poses to their lives. It is clear to the audience from the ad that many youths wastes their time idling around other than working on measures that enables the development of their nations. Most of the drug abusers spend their time imagining their past or rather imagining things that may not be achievable in the long run. An individual's body system consists of red blood cells and white blood cells. White cells are vital in the body since they help in the fight against diseases. When one is healthy, the blood cells are deemed as proper functioning. If that same individual engages in drug usage, his/ her health begins to deteriorate due to a hard task given to the cells.  In this ad therefore, audience deductively makes comparison when an individual is healthy and further checks on individual health when he/she engages in the use of heroin.


The ad has further incorporated the use of appeal to ethics usually referred to ethos in rhetorical analysis. Here, audience is persuaded to believe in their character. A person of young generation, preferably a boy has been used to show the audience the current trend of drug abuse among the upcoming generations to whom the nation expects much out of them, in terms of labor and other specializations in various fields. Further, awareness is raised to the audience that the decision to use drugs is generally a personal decision.

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Use of drugs among young people is against most society's traditions and the social ethics. Youths are expected to behave in certain ways that agrees with the social ethics. The ad clearly shows the negative effects associated with drug use. For instance, the face of the boy in this ad is very attractive without even a spot at the beginning of the ad. When he got used to the heroin, his face starts developing black spots. Furthermore, he grows thinner and thinner as he continues with the use of the drug. The eyes also changes to become so scary.

The end of the ad further elaborates that most governments are against such drugs. From the ad, we can assume that the sirens heard are from the police ambulances trying to counter crime. Also, the sirens can be those of the hospital ambulances trying to answer an emergency. The ad shows that the aftermath of hard drug usage is certain to be death.

Audience emotions are also captured in this ad. It is shocking to see how a young person loses health and eventually his or her life with the cause being drug usage. Before the boy engaged in the use of drugs, he looked excited and was happy most of the times. His happiness is portrayed when he is out there in the field with his pet. Sorrow starts cropping in after he engages in activities that are contrary to the society norms. This is evidenced from the facial expression worn at the course of the movie. Regrets accompany him and the individual is flashbacking on his past, how it was good and more preferable with having peace of mind (Frans H. Van Eemeren, pg 214).

There are logical fallacies within this ad and takes the following appeals to the audience. The appeals include appeal to force, appeal to crowd and self pity and general appeal to the public. In this ad, audience is threatened with serving imprisonment according to the law. Further, they are threatened concerning their health conditions if they do not handle themselves in an upright manner. There is further an appeal to self pity. This is shown by the boys deteriorated health conditions and imaginations. The audience also pities the current conditions of the young lad who happens to be a victim of drug addiction. Finally, peoples appeal is aroused. After one watches the ad, he/she is encouraged to stand up and help in the fight against drug abuse by the young generation.

To sum up, the analyzed ad has been of much help to the public especially in the fight against not only heroin use but also general use of hard drugs. The use of live examples creates awareness that death as a result of heroin use is real, therefore cautioning other upcoming generations.


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