A journey to the family dentist’s office is the worst trip that I hate with a passion. One of the reasons for this is because a trip to Dr. Anderson Dentistry (dentist office) almost always precedes a painful experience, not to mention the way the office is set which is in itself irritating to say the least. What with the X-ray machine which remind one the wallowing experience of the process of taking the X-ray and especially the taking of a film twice as big as ones mouth which involves jamming the mouth from one corner with metal tongs that one is supposed to hold despite their overwhelming weight.

Another reason that makes me despise Dr Anderson Dentistry is the fact that I am supposed to pay it visit ones every three month for a dental checkup which in most of the cases necessitates a dental procedure that has to have some painful experience despite Dr Anderson reassurance to the contrary. What of that thing that he inserts to the mouth ostensibly to such my saliva after an X-ray, the first time that happened to me I felt like my insides were being sucked. Then comes tooth extraction procedure that involves the kind of digging with metal hooks that leaves one feeling like a gauge has been left in one jaw. The never-ending gusts of blood that ensures are other disgusting images, and as if that is not enough he hands you a $100 bill for the painful ordeal. Is visiting such an office that accords one such a treatment not ground enough to hated it?

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I know Dr. Anderson would dispute that his procedures hurts. According to him my fear are unfounded because he used the strongest anesthesia, not to mention his caring nurses and support staff which is always wary of dissatisfying clients with haphazardly organized and painful process like those ones being offered in most of public health facilities. According to him my fears can better be compared with creating a mountain out of a molehill.

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His nurse Teresa agrees with him that my fears should not exist in the first place primarily because their services are some of the best and according to her no single dental patient has ever complained of pain during those processes and procedures. She even argues that dental procedures can not be compared with minor surgical procedure in general practice which I seem not afraid.

However, my mum who has always accompanied me in majority of those visits supports my assertion to the effect that Dr. Anderson Dentistry is not the best of places to visit especially if you have aching teeth or some other complaints seemingly compromising the dental health. Having undergone a number of dental procedures that she still considers ordeals of the highest order which unfortunately she could not have avoided mum avoids the trip to that place like a plague, that is the reason why she is so keen on brushing her teeth after taking even what can not pass for a meal.


From the above perspective it is no doubt that a visit to Dr. Anderson Dentistry cannot be avoided irrespective of whether they present us with painful experience or not. It is also a fact that the processes and procedures that follow such visits are painful, what however is debatable is whether we should hate them for the pain or appreciate the services that at times hurt. The powerlessness in avoiding and boycotting such painful visits and experience from Dr. Anderson Dentistry tell me that I should appreciate the services that am offered and accept to live with them.

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