Also referred to as the Young’s Experiment, the double slit experiment demonstrates through practical evaluation that energy and matter can possess particles and waves’ characteristics, as well as a quantum mechanical phenomenon. In order to ascertain the differences as well as the similarities in this experiment, you have to understand and observe the particles’ reactions to changes in aspects such as velocity and the position as well. The similarity between the particle and the wave is the fact that both are necessary for light production from the light bulb. This is because both play a distinctive role in achieving this. At the same time, this is the similarity between the light intensity and the energy. However, the difference between light intensity and energy is the fact that to increase the intensity of the light in the light bulb, you have to decrease the wavelength by the rate through which the photons are released or emitted, and vice versa.

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When a massive object is placed onto the universe, the environment forms a three dimension curvature around it, with point A being close to the event horizon while point B is farther away from it. The role of curvature in Hawking Radiation is to balance energy and gravity, which are both unevenly distributed across the earth surface. This, it ensures that nothing comes into the outside event horizon from the inside event horizon. It also aids in permanent separation of two virtual particles through a physical process, in order to make them (photons and neutrinos) more observable. 

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