Discussions and analysis on popular music cannot be conclusive without mentioning something about thriller’s music report Michael Jackson. Undoubtedly in history he is one of the most celebrated artists. Born in Indiana USA 1958, his mother Katherine Esther and father Joseph Walter Jackson had nine children where Michael was the seventh. His immense contributions and often unique styles in popular music and dance earned him to be idolized as the king of pop.
One of his greatest productions was the thriller music video released on December 2, 1983. The unique concept behind the idea of fusing music and screenplay in style to portray Michael dancing with the zombies captivates any audience with unmatched anxiety. The thriller video has been voted the most influential music video in history and was ranked by Guinness World Records listed as the most successful video selling over nine million copies in 2006  (Anderson 4).
Michaels love for music can be associated with his family tradition. His father was a member in the Falcons R&B band, while his mother was a devoted Jehovah Witness church member. The elder brothers had formed the Jackson Brothers band in 1964 where Michael joined performing as backup musicians. Later he had the privilege to do dancing and vocals which earned him lead vocal position when he was eight. The group name then changed to The Jackson 5.

This proved to be the clear opening for his music career and his popularity began to rise while performing with The Jackson 5. There were many misconceptions about this production. Some people thought of the artists as people promoting some kind of cult practices. The successful dramatization of resurrecting zombies being influenced by the music might have been horrific to some viewers to think of the whole episode as ungodly or unnatural (George 6).
However, being a successful artist is all about creativity and the ability to captivate the target audience. It is not always about the lyrics or dance alone, but the way one can combine both to invoke feelings and imagination from the audience. This is probably the essence of thriller. It is reported that in 2009, this video was inducted into the National Film Registry by the library of congress, making it the first to receive that honor  (Anderson30).
The outstanding record for the thriller does not stop here. Experts in music industry claim that this video stands out as the most watched of all times with an estimated viewership of above four billion people. Now consider if the world currently is estimated to have a population of about 7.025 billion and then it means theoretically that about 56.9% of the citizens of the world have at one point in time watched the thriller video (George 14).
Amazing success indeed for Michael and the entire thriller crew as led by director  John Landis. The production has been honored for being culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. In the begging of the production the video posts a disclaimer about being associated with cultism in order to dismiss inherent fears that this is something of spiritism or satanic.
Well we can all agree that imagination to the levels of creating a dance with resurrecting zombies is very thrilling and scary. But this is all about the song itself, a thriller to chill you to the bones. It is a known fact that Michael had a stronger relation with his mother and both were practicing Jehovah witness devotees.

Thus, he created this thriller to be a showcase in music but had no inclination to occultism. What makes thriller a real blockbuster is the way the scenes are managed and merged in continuity of the idea. From the walk in the park Michael and Ola his girlfriend, cutting to the movie theater show, walking along the graveyard and subsequent waking up of the dead is exceptional (George 12).
Then the lovers being cornered by the zombies threateningly and all of a sudden Michael turns into one of them. Breaking into an elaborate dance and chasing the girl to her home then finishing the scary episode in what passed to be like a dream for the girl. Thriller video really elevated Michael Jackson to the highest achievers in music.

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