Smoking is a process when a substance, mostly tobacco or marijuana, is burned, and a smoker tastes or inhales a smoke. Nowadays, the most common method of smoking involves the use of cigarette. Smoking is considered as one of the most widespread form of entertaining drug. Today, more than billion people all over the world practice tobacco smoking. Less frequent, people use drugs for smoking, like opium and cannabis. At the present time, smoking habits have increased among teenagers. It is extremely urgent problem and has to be solved in any way.

People start to smoke because of various reasons. Some of them think that it is prestigious. Others start to smoke because their parents smoke. What is more, there is a very famous myth that smoking tranquillizes. Therefore, when people are stressed or angry they automatically start to smoke.

It is not easy to break the smoking habit, because tobacco has nicotine which is extremely addictive. Like to a very dangerous drug as heroin, body and mind get used to nicotine in cigarettes very fast. As a result, a person has to smoke just to feel as usual. Statistics shows that 9 of 10 tobacco users started to smoke before 18 years old. Those adults who smoked from their teens never expected to become addicted.  

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Different researches showed that smoking cigarettes reduces one’s life up to 8 years. First-time smokers usually feel pain in the throat and lungs. Long-term smokers can suffer from various diseases. Smoking develops different health problems like emphysema, heart disease and several types of cancer. Mostly all smokers have yellow teeth and wrinkles. Smokers are less active because smoke affects lungs. Smoking damages sexual health of men and women.  Teen smokers have awful skin, breath and increased risk of illnesses. 

There are no physical causes to start smoking. Human’s body does not have any need for nicotine or tobacco as it needs eating, drinking and sleeping. Just one thing that actually helps someone avoid the troubles connected with smoking is staying smoking free. It is difficult not to smoke when everybody around does it. Staying smoke free is your chance to live a happy life, as a person who avoids smoking has energy, looks better and has money in his or her pocket.

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