Income, class, work and play are closely related each another. People can be put into different classes depending on their incomes. The kind of work an individual does can determine his or her income. On the other hand, income levels can affect the kind of recreational activities at individual's disposal. It has also been observed that the quality of our work will be affected negatively if we don't spare time to play (Creativity at work: Articles and tips.2010). Play helps in relaxing of the brain which significantly helps in improving our creativity. Play also helps in curbing stress and worries which are great enemies to work.

The story of the Blue Island clearly demonstrates that work, play, income and class go hand in hand. Its important to note that when characters Ethel and Ralph (a married couple), move to the Blue Island, they find themselves isolated as they don't know the neighbors. They don't have any visitors in their house or even relatives around. A neighbor Mrs. Hancock,( a neighbor) came visiting and although the couple resent her visit, she try to introduce them to the neighbors. At first they are hesitant to take them in as good neighbors. She insist that  the couple invite them for coffee and she even suggest that Ethel should make a call to the women in the neighborhood for coffee at her house (Powers, F, 404). The life of Ralph seems to be dull as he never interact with men in the neighborhood. He just watch a neighbor Mr. Nilgren who would be raking out his hedge, or wiring up the skinny little trees, or washing his car on Sunday mornings.

One day, Ralph is finally able to start golf lessons and this makes him happy as he eventually make a friend in the game. This shows that play is very important in our day to day lives. We can combine work with play and have a healthy life as our minds are relaxed by the play. In the story, we see him turning into his old ways of always being quiet and in thoughts as he refuses to go back to the game arguing that  that the friend is more better than him in the game (Powers, F. 406).

In the story, play matters  much to Ralph who wonders  if they could be in a position to raise the kid that Ethel was expecting as they never know anybody around. He is concerned that no kid will be able to play with their kids.

The argument here is that for the couple to live well in Blue Island, they have to get along with the class of people they found here. Relatively, based on one of the coffee meetings that Ethel held in their house, she is upset because one none of the neighbors appreciate her pan. Though Mrs. Hancock was able to comfort her and even compensated her for the pan, it was her husband Ralph who later consoled her with a bunch of flowers and made feel okay (Powers, F. 414). They should not stay in the island as if they are alone. They should embrace their neighbors as this will make their stay easier.

The social conditions are very important in shaping the individuals work. The situation of  the level of income, class, and culture significantly affects individuals work and play. 

In the story of the Peace of mind, the author, Coraghessan Boyle, demonstrate how people are living in an environment full of crime and insecurity. This type of, environment is affect people.

Here families are live with a lot of fear of their own security as well as their own property. For instance, there is a case of a man who had to put on a mask to hide his identity. He enters a house, brutalize the children and humiliate the wife.  The man doesn't stop there as he also loot the house.

In such an environment, people will be discouraged to work harder as most fruits of their effort will land on the hands of the thieves. For instance, Ellis (the owner of the house) is mentally disturbed following this intrusion by the disguised man. He is very concerned about the situation in the world which is corrupt, rotten and filled with violent activities (Boyle, C 91).

People work is adversely affected by the prevailing rise in insecurity. Ellis thought is that it is very disappointing to live in the world where what you love and what you worked for have to be locked as if one was in castle under siege (Boyle, C 91). We can see that Ellis is very much discouraged to work as he cannot predict the fate which will befall the product of his work.

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 From the story of piece of mind, we see Ellis regretting for assuming that the children will be safe out in the suburbs.  Children are not free to play in the field for the fear of brutality which is targeted to them. In this kind of environment, the children are forced to remain indoors and therefore they don't have chance to interact with the other children in the society. This affects play adversely as children who have once fallen as victims of brutality become traumatized. Such children will be always be frightened when they see a stranger. This means that they will never play comfortably in the field for the fear of being attacked.

The increased rate of insecurity also affects people's income. This is because when people get discouraged in their work, their income which they earn from their work will automatically be reduced. For instance, the standards of living along the Picador drive are very low, the cars are shells and people  live in small houses. This shows that the level of their income is very low as it cannot support their living standards.

The story of why am I a danger to the public, the author, Barbara Kingsolver (1955) clearly demonstrate the issues related to the social conditions that significantly affect individual's work and play. The lower class in the family has a very negative altitude towards work. For instance, the author tells Boston that he was feared because of the strike that he had fueled. The author organizes a strike of workers because they felt that they were not receiving the just fruits of their work. He argues that what he was doing was an effort to defend his union (Kingsolver 1955:110).The people in the lower class who are employed to work for the upper class views work as the means of exploitation. That is the reason why they are organizing strikes to demand for their right (Kingsolver 1955:104).

On the other hand, the upper class that owns the means of production is very optimistic towards work. They see work as a source of power. For instance, Kingsolver, the author says that the Ellington who runs the mine are also under the control of their houses, the water they drink and very many more things in Mexico (Kingsolver 1955:104).

The lower class who works for the upper class has in some cases found themselves in work that endangers their health. The workers who are employed to work in the mines are usually exposed to dangers.  For instance, P.Snapp who was employed as mailman died of attack (Kingsolver 1955:105). This led the preceding mailman to refrain from delivering mails to these houses. In this case, he views work like something that can lead him to death. On the other hand, his employers who are the upper class are very optimistic and view their work as the means to an end.

 Kingsolver argues that he hasn't had a paycheck since the month of July that year (Kingsolver 1955:107). This leads to further problems because he can't even afford to meet his family's needs. For instance, he was unable to provide his son with the money needed to go to Morse with his team. This makes him to a negative understand of the work since he can't raise enough for his family.

The rich people in the society who have high levels of income are very positive towards work. For instance, Vonda's father who owns a very big drug store ion town is very determined in his work (Kingsolver 1955:108). This is why he is committed to use a sign that will help to advertise his business to attract as many customers as possible. These are individuals who can feel the fruits of their work. Unlike the writer's son whose father cannot afford to meet all his needs, Vonda's father can afford a car for his daughter. This shapes Vonda's attitude towards work as she is also enjoying herself.

When Kingsolver was training as a crane operator, he thought that women did not deserve the good paying jobs (Kingsolver 1955:108). In this case Kingsolver understands work in terms of gender.

Ellington is very determined to keep the mine running but the workers are comfortable with the closure of the mines until their needs are satisfied (Kingsolver 1955:113).This clearly explains the opposite attitudes of these two groups towards work. Workers feel exploited in the work they do and this is why they reach to an extent of going on strike after a pay cut.

In conclusion , all the three stories clearly demonstrates that  work helps people to have an income which helps them to fit in a certain class in the society and eventually play helps people to be able to be more productive in their work. This concludes the earlier statement that income, work, play and class go hand in hand.

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