This essay will explain how and why Christian’s beliefs about God and the world make a difference in Christian attitude, behaviors, and practice. This will be done in reference to the book, ‘suffering: A test of theological method by Arthur Chute McGill’.

This text explains in a very clear and simple way how evil can exist and influence Christian while God is all knowing, all good and all powerful. The author inspires the reader through a solid and inspiring description of God’s power. He depicts God’s power as total self giving. The author uses several parables to illuminate, from the bible, the reality of suffering to the reader. I find that quite significant as I found it quite possible to relate the bible parables to the modern situations. I find it quite helpful especially when I view the aspect of suffering among Christians in the modern times. I found the narration of the Good Samaritan parable quite relevant in my life and my surrounding. The author covers this on chapter six where he further shows the magnitude of work that love can do. A personal reflection on this brought an understanding to me that love can change the world around me, in my neighborhood, my college, at home and all over.  

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In the last chapter, the author argues in a very clear way about the correct theological approach to suffering. First, he starts by describing what a correct theological approach is not and then moves on to explain why Christians should be focused on Christ. Generally, the author in this text has succinctly shown the influence of two powers at extreme ends: demonic power which is responsible for suffering and God’s power that is self giving and totally open. Having gone through the text, I have a clearer picture of how I should handle suffering in my life and around me.

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