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Dear Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

I submit this cover letter on behalf of my client, Jrygal Usen, regarding the application for the subclass 143 (Class CA) Contributory Parent Visa.  Jrygal Usen requested me to initiate the visa application on behalf of his father, Benoit Usen, who is currently married to his girlfriend Helena Omesheva. As part of the application for the subclass 143 (Class CA) Contributory Parent Visa requirement, I believe that my client’s parents have met the stipulated prerequisites. First, Helena Omesheva appears to be healthy, thus meeting the Public Interest criteria (

In this regard, the concerned individual has met the legal requirement of the Certified Public Interest Criteria (PIC).  The Public Interest Criteria are highlighted in the fourth schedule of the country’s Migration, and these are categorized into eight main groups. These eight main categories include good character, security risk, prospects for settlement, value settlement,  outstanding debts owed, especially to the Commonwealth, health, immigration risk, and criteria on children below eighteen years  (“General requirements for Visas”, 2012 ). To this end, both Benoit Usen and Helena Omesheva met all these legal requirements, because neither of them has a criminal/medical issue to prevent him/her from entering the country (“Australian Immigration Regulation”, 2012).

Second, Benoit Usen’s son, Jyrgal Usen earns sufficient amount of money, and this puts him in a better position to sponsor his father and the latter’s wife. Moreover, Jyrgal Usen is willing to be his parents’ sponsor, without any form of coercion. In case an Australian sponsor is required, Benoit Usen’s son may stand a better chance, because he has the Australian citizenship. Even though, organisations are known to be sponsors, individuals are also allowed to do so. Therefore, Jyrgal Usen stands to be a better sponsor for both his father and mother. This implies that Jyrgal Usen will take some obligations for a given time when the visa is approved. Moreover, the sponsor in this situation has the obligation of providing the visa bearer with both the financial assistance and other accommodation facility (“Migration to Australia”, 2010).  In order to support the approval of this visa application, the sponsor and son of the applicants, Jyrgal Usen has attached his birth certificate, marriage certificate, citizenship papers, pay slips, and mortgage documents. All these documents act as sufficient proof of the applicant’s son’s capability to sponsor his parents (“Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship”, 2012).

Third, it is also evident that Benoit Usen’s documents are also available. These documents include the applicant’s certified copies of his birth certificate, marriage certificate and his current wife’s birth certificate. In addition, his late wife’s death certificate is included in the parcel.  In this scenario, Benoit Usen is regarded as the primary applicant for the visa, while his wife is the secondary applicant. The first schedule of the regulation states whether it is possible or not for members of a specific visa class to make a joint application. Therefore, this case is regarded as a combined application, because both Benoit Usen and Helena Omesheva applied for the visa, as members of one family. In summary, it can as well be argued that Jyrgal Usen wanted to bring his family members to Australia, that is, both his father and mother, thus this case constitutes combined visa applicant, which should be approved.

Yours sincerely

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