Art is a description of diverse range of human activities and what such activities produce. In most cases, the term is understood to mean paintings, photography, film, sculpture, as well as other visual media.


            Painting is a practice of applying pigment, color, paint or other medium to a support base. Below is a large painting that represents a long train snaking its way across plains. This is a painting that was done by Albert Bierstadt. It serves a very prominent depiction of the landscape and activities that take place around California.

            In her description of a painting, Hedy Lamarr says quotes that a good painting has always been like a friend to her. It keeps her company, comforts and inspires.


            Sculpture is the art of cutting, hewing, or carving stone, wood, metal into ornaments and statues or making figures such as of men and other items.

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            The above is a statue of saints found on This is a very captivating art work that portrays a saint who is deep in prayers.  Pablo Picasso quotes that a sculpture is makes the best comment a painter can do on painting.


            Architecture constitutes the art of guiding and designing construction of buildings in order to make them attractive visually and suitable in their usage.  This is a place that expresses how a home for a man looks like. The architecture below begins to give the meaning of a man’s life.

Frank Lloyd Wright  pointed out that all architectural values become valuable only when they are human values.


            Photography are photographs created according to the creative mind of the artist. Follow below to view Bill Stettner’s iconic photograph of the American flag.  Match sticks elegantly host the flag of the U.S.A. The photograph gives an attractive impression and how the unities of individual citizens make a great nation.


Printmaking makes artworks through printing on paper. Ink is transferred to paper from another material usually a plate of metal.

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