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Businesses are carried an operated in different geographical and cultural locations depending on the knowledge of an entrepreneur. This paper is an analysis of different global business cultures that exists in different nations, states, regions and zones. This paper examines the country of Chile as one of the strategic destination of business activities. Chile is an isolated country because of the geographical nature that hinders or limits the human activities. The decision to examine and analyze the business culture in Chile is because of its rich and mixed social and cultural formation and to improve my academic research hypothesis.

Major Elements and Dimensions of Chile’s Culture

Dimension of a culture refers to the way the people of different communities or societies behave and practice in their daily life. It reflects on the communication, religion, attitudes, values, manner of living and the structure of the society John, L., (2003). Chilean people are a mixture of Indians, Germans, Italians, French British and the indigenous community. There is no established religion though many residents identify themselves with Roman Catholics and Protestants and the native believers. The people of Chile do not have concentrate on traditional and cultural history or background, and this contributes to a united society that works together. The official language is Spanish although there is use of English and native languages from the small percentage of the natives of Chile Brian L., (2007).

The mixture of the tribes with different cultures has enabled Chile to have good values since there are no people who feel that their culture should be recognized. The formation of governance is through senate and House of Commons with a president as the head of state. The social structure is comprised of intermarriages and intercultural relations that have helped the people of Chile to develop important values of respecting all cultures. The variance between the cultures of different people have led to a rich business and established cultures. This has led to the spread of good business customs and attitudes to all citizens of Chile and this welcomes different investors and companies Vylder, S., (2009). The tribal free culture is a peaceful state that creates a business atmosphere and environment for people to trade and develop their business ideas. All this requires good and efficient business information through communication and this is persistent in the Chilean culture because of the established national language.
Integration of elements and dimensions by locals conducting business in Chile

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The people of Chile as mentioned earlier are comprised of many subgroups that are not interested to be identified with their backgrounds. The integrations of people make it possible for companies and business to conduct their activities in peace without cultural and social interference. Every person is free to carry out his or her business and people do not discriminate any business or company formation despite whether it is owned by a native or immigrant. This integration of good ideologies enables business to prosper across the country of Chile. This is because people have good attitudes, values (corruption free community), and good communication towards the business world Pearson, N., (2004).

Comparison of Chilean and US Business Culture

United States also enjoy unified business social and cultural behaviors as Chile because of its distinguished communities across its state. Many Americans are not concerned with backgrounds as a barrier to trade and do business. The economy of United States is comprised of a mixture of communities equipped with good and universal elements and dimensions. Americans support local and international producers and manufactures just like Chileans and this has led to a high growth of the economy.

Implications for US businesses and companies that wish to conduct business in Chile

Those businessmen and companies from United States intending to conduct business in Chile must be ready to experience the welcome and support of Chilean people. The capital city is populated with about five million people and this is a good number to form a reasonable and ready market for businesses. The good attitude, values, universal communication language, social formation and business willingness, give a clear picture of the market in Chile. Business must understand that Chilean speaks in Spanish and have a multi-religious social formation so that they can handle different business problems. Business owners from United States should be willing and ready to adapt to the change in language, religion, culture, values and ethics and interrelation of people in Chile. This will help companies and businesses to excel and help to improve both the economy of Chile and United States.

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