The Coca-Cola Company fosters a strong culture that withstands the challenges of time and market dynamics. The culture is driven by a set mission and focuses not only on the employees, but also on the consumers and the whole society. The cultural policy of the Coca-Cola Company is aimed at refreshing the mind, inspiring positivism and bringing difference to the society of operation as well as the whole world. The company, through the positive culture, has worked towards reforming its image in order to make it positive (Cameron & Quinn, 2011). The company culture has provided the foundation of encouragement to the world and the universe as a whole.

Internal Stress

The Coca-Cola Company experiences internal stress from time to time. The stress arises from different factors ranging from management to environmental matters. The company has a large team of employees and massive chain of industries in different parts of the world. Managing these may be a prime concern that needs to be well-organized to come up with a concrete management strategy (Deschamps, 2008). The company is being further under siege from government authorities over heavy taxation and environmental matters.

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Culture and Personal Development

The Coca-Cola Company has helped develop a positive internal culture among all people who take part in its activities. These include a fair treatment of the employees and consumers. The company has helped these individuals develop a positive personality and believe in themselves. This is ensured by giving the employees an opportunity to improve themselves both socially and in their career. The company extends this value in the society by empowering the consumers and the societies (Kapferer, 2008).

In conclusion, three objects of the Coca-Cola Company are well-embedded and in tune with its everyday activities. This ensures smooth working relationships between the employees, management, clients and other stakeholders. The fact that the company supports transparency and fair treatment will continue to ensure its growth and competitiveness in the market.

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