This project plan is a tool kit that develops internal communication strategies which SOHO art gallery seeks to implement. The aim of this plan is to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency by creating internal communication strategies in a manner that leads to cohesiveness in the organizational culture. The plan will enable the gallery to focus on matters that improve its performance. Such an undertaking will enable the enterprise to address the challenges that impair its operations (Riehle 2007). Soho gallery’s business intelligence system is meant to get the work done in a manner that is in line with the organization’s strategic goals.

The communication strategies being laid down by the project plan will be relating to the key performances of the gallery. It will help volunteers, staff, and management to coordinate during the operations of the organization. The sound communication processes will facilitate the evaluation of the business intelligence system on a regular basis. The evaluation will be done with the aim of establishing if the system has a chance of meeting goals and objectives that have been set. As such, the project plan will be guided by the gallery’s strategic plan.

The gallery’s project plan has been developed through careful thought, detailed planning, and creativity. There has been adequate evaluation and monitoring during the process of formulating the plan. The eventual plan involves the development and documentation of various administrative issues that include communication plan, management plan, quality management plan, human resource management plan, change management plan, and project closure plan. This paper makes the procedures involved in the development of these plans explicit (Biberoglu 2002, 35). Moreover, the paper incorporates all the forms that are required in this process.

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Communications Plan

Project plans facilitate success of projects as they act as tools for measuring progress, performance, as well as the quality of results. Moreover, they define success criteria, required products, target dates as well as costs. As such, among the most important components in project planning is a communication plan. A communication plan is an outline of the manner in which the progress and status of a project are reported to the stakeholders. Essentially, the plan defines the process of resolving challenges as they arise. Effectiveness of a project is achieved by having an appropriate communication strategy.

As indicated in the table above, effective communication among stakeholders facilitates the success of a business intelligence system. Soho gallery has found it necessary to ensure that project teams develop communication plans so as not to derail organizational strategies. The planning above identifies the audiences and stakeholders, the communication methods, responsible individuals, and the frequency of communication. The communication plan defines communication requirements as well as how information is distributed. It sets the communication framework for Soho art gallery’s intelligence system. Moreover, it guides communication throughout the operation of the project. In most instances, the plan is updated whenever a need arises. It includes a communication matrix that maps the requirements of the project. Nevertheless, a communication plan needs the backing of other plans in order to be effective.

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