Disney Stores is an international business with a series of stores that distribute Disney products. A visit was paid to the Disney store website, which is the on-line shop for Disney Stores Company. At the website, toy products were divided into two distinct categories, one for each gender. Every category had toy products that matched the tastes and preferences for respective genders, although there were those that were common to both boys and girls.

Furthermore, each of these two categories was divided into more product fields. Toy products for girls were divided into various types such as dolls, play sets, pretend play, and figure sets. On the other hand, toys for boys were divided into action figures, vehicles, sports and outdoors, as well as building sets. Most of the toys that were marketed to boys were cars sets and action figures. On the other hand, toys that were marketed to girls were mostly dolls and play sets. Apart from gender difference, there were other factors that were applied in categorization of toys such as age variation of the children.

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Moreover, color schemes were also employed to categorize the toys.  Pink, red and purple colors were used to advertise toys meant for girls. On the other hand, blue, green, yellow and red colors were used to advertise toys for boys.

A lot of influence is impacted on children as they grow up depending on the toys used. For instance, when boys play with action figures or trucks, they acquire a feeling of being strong and tough. It is a feeling that enhances their masculinity as they grow into later stages of development in life. On the other hand, toys meant for girls encourage them develop feminine qualities such being soft and emotional. According to the toys presented on the site, it appears that the, middle class within the social hierarchy is represented. Furthermore, as children grow up, the kind of toys that they get exposed to influences a lot on their understanding about gender. For example, if a child is exposed to toys that display either masculine or feminine qualities, he will grow up believing that certain tasks can only be executed well by people of one gender and not the other.


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