Yes I use social networks such as Facebook, You-tube and Twitter in business. There various that businesses can use social networking to enhance their operations and improve profitability. The modes employed serve different purposes like linking them with the members of a particular network or customers; others use it for internal communication of an organization while others focus on getting acquiring knowledge to run an organization (Carfi, 2006).

First of all, social networks are used for development of customer/member and business relationship.  Online social networks especially Facebook and twitter are very instrumental today in enabling potential customer or member without difficulty facilitate a real human-level relationship with people in an organization. It will therefore facilitate genuine business association to develop and puts a genuine human face on the interface that in turn changes the external view of the business from a sterile one in to a group of people ready to help.

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According to Ketel & Tim (2010), secondly social networks are used to enhance customer support through linking them to the right resources. This has a number of goals for the business which entail helping to answer many questions that the customers may have concerning the products in offing or the business itself.  It also helps business to be aware of any concerns that need their attention and clarification.

Use of social network is also another effective way of advertising products that we offer. One approach that can be used is to upload videos of products on you-tube which goes a long way in reaching a wider market base. Creation of fun pages and groups on Facebook has helped many business not only reach their customers but also create many new ones.

Other ways that social networking has been used in businesses are: sharing ideas with many people on those social networks that can help improve business performance, predicting the coming trends, demographics and preferences in the market. In general terms social networks if used appropriately can help businesses grow and increase profitability (Carfi, 2006).

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