The paper seeks to discuss the various ways through which global communication has been of great benefit to the modern man and to the society in general. Through recent developments, the papers will bring to light the many advantages man has enjoyed in its application. Also not forgetting the effects that have been promoted by its growth, the paper will seek to focus on some of these issues that have affected it. Finally, solutions on how to solve some of these problems will always be addressed.

The growth of electronic communication is one of the greatest accidents to have hit the 21st century. Many companies and corporations that have lent a hand in the development of this electronic age ought to be thanked for what they have achieved. Through computers, mobile phones satellites, televisions and the rest, man has been brought to think just how small the world is. It is in this respect, that some have coined a name for the internet referring it as the Global village (Grant, 2003).

Global communication has been achieved through the development of emails and social networking services which have been used by thousands of people worldwide. Today, distance is no longer a problem or a barrier as it used to be in the distant past. With email and VOIP services, one can comfortable communicate with another from miles away only at the click of a button. Powerful satellites have also been fitted in the skies has facilitated much of these communications making it possible. Families displaced in different geography locations can keep in touch with live-video chat or through social networking services that have multiplied on the internet. The possibilities man has been opened to through global advancement can’t be comprehended.

 The business people too have not been left behind in the growth of this important area in our lives.  The internet has a huge market potential due to influence it has on people in the world.

 Companies and businesses have sought to tap into these markets and clever enough they have not been disappointed. The returns many companies have recorded at the closes of the year, has been many profits they could never have made in many years. It has also opened opportunities for people to learn about other different cultures of the world. Such benefits and more have been promoted to the growth of the global communication in our world today.

 Unfortunately, there can never lack draw backs which have been promoted by the development in global communication. Many of these problems have been enhanced by the internet use and its applications to our lives. For example, thousands of people fall victim to cyber crimes and identity theft which is perpetrated on the internet. Though to broader extent, business are now able to transact with their customers over the internet, the risk of fraud and loss of sensitive information still remains a matter of concern. People must not forget those who perpetrate these offences are also constantly updating their skills to evolve with the changing times. Unless the swift hands of the law caught up with them the risk will always remain to trouble millions of online users (Diane Publishing Company, 1995).

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The other problem that has been encouraged by the growth of global communication is the decadence in moral values. Gone are the days when children were brought up in the society with the right morals and values. All that has now changed as many parents have failed to bring up their children in the way they should grow. Instead of parents taking the responsibility of nurturing their kids they have left the task to nannies, televisions and friends. The effect has been devastating leading to rebellious children who would only wish to have their way at all times.

Another problem that has been fueled by the growth of global communication is breach of trust which has been witnessed in many instances. For example, not once have we heard the growth of espionage activities some done openly and other done in the secrecy of those involved.

Not once have we heard information taken by satellite and stolen from one nation to the other. Again on the internet you many think that you are safe but the many spywares and programs running in the background are anything to go by then no one is perfectly safe on the internet. These are some of the effect that poses a threat on the development of communication in our society.

 Unless something is done to provide a lasting solution too many of these problems, the problem will affect us for as long as an effective solution can be realized. The rise in technology has also given rise to malicious programs and software which have been developed with an intention to harm and damage. This has assumed the likeness of viruses such worms, Trojan, adware, malware and more. All of which have been used to damage computer operations or steal sensitive information. Unless people are informed on the effects posed by these malwares then the problems remains far from being solved (Hager, 2000).

There are a few recommendations that l would love to see done in helping man find the right answers to these problems. Experts and technological Gurus should be encouraged to come up with enhanced software that guarantees people safety while on the internet. Am sure there are some few security programs on the market that can afford people these benefits but more should be made. The other point would be imposing harsh penalties to people caught practicing hacking activities. l know laws are there to sentence these offenders but tough and more harsh penalties should be introduced. Am sure it will discourage these people. Having done that global communication will no longer remain a threat, but a medium though with man connects with the other.


 Finally, man can’t be ignorant of the values global communication has added in his life. Many things he never thought could be achieved have been made possible by the advancement in the field. He has also enjoyed many benefits some of which have been revealed in the paper. However, the implications have also been stated and suggestion offered in how to tackle some of its affecting problems. By applying these points given above massive changes will certainly be experienced in global communication.

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