The internet is used in many spheres of our living. It became a fundamental part of our business and personal lives. Communication through the internet is very popular today. People can communicate with each other thanks to email or social networks. Surfing on the internet takes much time. That is why many people use the internet for their own needs during business hours. Many companies monitor their employee use of the internet during work hours. Sometimes they do this secretly. All U.S. companies have legal right to monitor their employee internet connections while they are at work. Some people can say that it is unethical. Actually, it is a good business to monitor people during work hours.

There are some drawbacks and benefits of instant messaging at work. Let us speak about the benefits of instant messaging on organizational networks. The first thing is the possibility of organizing contacts by categories. It is very useful to divide your business and personal life. Getting quick answers is also very important. There is no need in waiting for a response. Here are also some drawbacks. People can send you a message at a wrong time. The next thing is virus infection while sharing files with instant messengers. That is why a person should be careful while downloading received files.

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Here is one more important theme that should be discussed in this essay. This topic is called “practical and negative sides of Web page and search engine use in an organization." First of all, let us speak about the positive sides. The most important thing is access to the enormous amount of information. Today, there are more than 900 million of pages on the Web. Great speed of the search is also very important. It takes us a couple of seconds to find needed information. Despite all these benefits, Internet search presents certain drawbacks. The most painful problem is an effective search. Sometimes it is really hard to find useful information.

Using the internet during business hours in an appropriate way is good for productivity and success of the company. That is why managers worry about losing time and productivity of their employee’. Low productivity means loss of the revenue. This problem is burning for many companies. The path of email after it leaves an organization is simple. Usually it is sent to a certain person or persons. Here companies face with one more serious problem. Hackers can spread information from these emails throughout the internet. In conclusion, I would like to say that managers should monitor employee Internet and email usage. It is important for stable income of the company. A person should concentrate during business hours. Nothing should hinder achieving success. 

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