Contemporary life is impossible without the Internet and the possibilities it offers. In the Internet, every user can find any information within seconds. However, the huge advancement of social media has its impacts on people’s everyday lives and their perceptions of the world.  

The widespread use of the Internet and social networks is changing people's lifestyles and communication patterns. It is reflected in the way people search for information when they need it. The Social Media Revolution video is a vivid example of the way the Internet changes people’s lives. According to the video, 3 out of 5 gay couples meet through the Internet (Anonymous, 2012). These findings suggest that the Internet has become not only the way to search information but also the way to find a partner. The social media affect people’s personal and professional lives.  Through social media, I have met and got acquainted with many people. For many of us, the Internet has become a second home, as well as the social media.

The first and primary need of the World Wide Web providing fast access to information and speeding up the process of looking for it. Owing to rapid advancement of modern technologies, the range of functions of the World Wide Web constantly expands. Not long ago, video chatting has become available through Facebook. Most probably, users will be able to touch each other via the Internet soon.

However, the main drawback of using social networks is replacing real communication by frequent interactions online. This aspect has changed the way I communicate and interact in my professional life, as well. Because of many emails I send to my colleagues, I have started using professional vocabulary in personal face-to-face communication, making it more distant.

Overall, the Internet is a huge world, which allows people to find and share information. With the help of technologies, people can chat online or meet in real; everyone takes such decision for him(her)self. However, people should not lose reality, while socializing online. 

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