Athletes can be a source of aspiration for youthful people to labor hard so that their hard work can pay off, but not a single person is clean and flawless. Gluttony does take a cling to of a number of players, but again they should not be the ones we dedicate all of our attention to. But rather we ought to be on the look out at the constructive things that people do. The media does not provide report of the good things done by these people but rather they place more emphasis on the bad personality and their mistakes. It is a high time we ought to realize that they are only human beings just similar to the rest of us. But the big question that people ask is if this group of people is safe for our children to admire to look up to? With close allusion to the famous quote by Robert Fulghum "Don't worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you." this paper will try and analyze decisively the athletes' authenticity to be role models to our children.

All over from the ancient years, we have continually admired athletes and the unbreakable work that they do to attain their ambition of winning. We revere them and fancy we were even more or less like them. What ensues though as soon as the insight sinks in that they are human being too and that a few of them do get ravenous and self-centered? Several athletes are model citizens that you ought to in actuality admire, but again we can't ignore the fact that there are as well some appalling apples in the lot that mess up it for everyone.

If you happen to watch the news the news, would you in actual fact fancy hearing on all of the charities that an athlete has contributed money to? It would initially be fascinating, but you would become weary of it afterwards. That is the reason why the media never covers such stories.  We are aware of the fact that they in fact don't become alarmed about anything else apart from for sizzling topics. The reality really does not imply something to them. We actually noticed this in all the situations that the media shoots to unfair conclusions, for instance the Richard Jewel case as well as the Olympic bombing in addition to the TWA flight 800 that hit New York. Once more the media ended with numerous suggestions that had us mislaid. Are these people ever concerned about what charity performance Michael Jordan graced or even about what Shaquille O'Neal did on Thanksgiving for the deprived?  I tend to think that often they pay more attention in what color Dennis Rodman's hair and which athlete used performance enhancing drugs. Therefore, it is even more prudent to analyze both sides of the coin without relying on the media before arriving to a conclusion.

Athletes have contributed and even given back to the society beyond imaginable proportions, by gracing various events and fundraisers as well as introducing scholarships. If you perform a thorough research you will discover that somebody like Chicago Bears star Chris Zorich has introduced a complete scholarship at Notre Dame for youths from the inner city and who had passed but could not afford school fees. News of his philanthropic efforts was not so much publicized by the media but instead but instead was published in a little article in the newspaper.

On the contrary, had he been accused  of theft or assault, he would have featured on  the front page as well as the whole back page of the Chicago Sun- Times. Another athlete Shaquille O'Neal purchased over 1,000 turkeys and donated to poor families all across the state on a Thanksgiving Day. But what happened, no one ever noticed. Only what is happening is we are made to believe, through propagandas that athletes are bad people who should never be emulated?  Only if the media spent barely half their precious time featuring the charitable stories the way they do with the bad ones, maybe we might be obliged to change our mind and try to be like the hard working athletes. Michael Jordan for instance, started a charity that provides money towards research activities aimed at helping physically challenged children. On the other hand, He has been gambling at the Atlantic City casinos, but anyway who has never gambled?

We should accept the fact that we are never perfect. Michael may lay bets, but on the other hand he does his share of assisting with what he has acquired. Laying a bet is no crime, and therefore he is not portraying anything negative. If parents really criticize of him gambling, then it I tend to think it is a high time the activity ought to be outlawed. Michael, as well many other athletes, is conscious that he is continuously being observed and look upon by many to try and act accordingly.

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Citing the major controversy in the NBA recently gratitude to Charles Barkley and his acclamation in an interview that he is not a model, nevertheless that is the work of the parent. He alleged that parents should hold the athletes responsible especially if they are not able to control their own children. On the same wavelength is football and basketball star Deion Sanders who totally agreed to this assertion. Barkley is believed to have parted with over $80,000 in fines in a period of less than two years. I addition, he is mostly associated with extreme aggressiveness and violence. Although no one is requesting Barkley to grant all his riches away to aid organizations, but he has a minor task of doing what other athletes do, realizing that a lot of people look up tom him so he ought to show some degree of  restraint. Although no one is coercing athletes to be nice people, they should try and use their judgment.

Mo Vaughn of the Red Sox is one of the most influential players of all times. He mostly associated with doing community service work as well as providing autograph to children. I tend to conquer that his composure, allegiance, and his appetite for work has impressed everyone. Vaughn spends most of his precious time talking to groups of schoolchildren, advising them to stay in school. In addition, Vaughn has been involved in the planning of youth centers that assists in keeping kids off the streets. As well as using the proceeds realized from prescribed autograph-signings to finance cultural events that are deprived of to poor children.

At one time, He complained about racial discrimination even initiated a $5 million fund-raising campaign. It is tough to conceive that any athlete is excellent with all of the news that you listen to today.

On the contrary, the thought that people who create millions of dollars to take part in a game ought to be emulated by our youth today is a mere travesty.  What do young people think the moment when they witness stories concerning steroid and performance enhancers use among the athletes.  Is that the kind of information that we ought to be conveying?  That you have to do whatsoever is required to be successful, even if it involves unethical behaviors that might hurt oneself in the process. To a greater extent, high school athletes are now emulating professional athletes who are at the acme of their relevant sports, and to a greater extent it is leading to disaster.  Steroid use has being on the rise among high school seniors, a quite direct connection to the immense statistics by luminary sluggers who cheated in the sport.

Unsurprisingly, in their expedition to turn out to be the best, they often look up on those who have previously realized the prominence and recognition which they themselves are struggling hard to obtain.  Their idols are the likes of Barry Bonds, who wretched a record 73 home runs and lifted him to a new plateau.  Bonds, a suspected steroid consumer, claimed that he inadvertently used certain prohibited substances.  The claim has however been contested in a book documenting Bonds steroid use.  At this point a high school athlete is quite contented if lying like Bond means being the best, then so be it.

Because of the reason that they want to be of assistance does not imply that we should anticipate them too since they are merely human. We ought to not have athletes as scapegoats especially if kids are defiant and insolent. Those are tasks to be done by the parents.  Since there are a little bad people in sports today doesn't is not reason enough to generalize. We have had some bad leaders too but the point is we don't hate all of them. Many of them labor hard to donate something to us similar professional athletes. We just have to remember that they are human just like us and that Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman aren't gods just because they have a lot of money. They worked hard for it so let them enjoy it. Each one of us ought to be conscious of the great responsibility that these athletes have. We are not supposed to not look at the improper actions of a small number of athletes. At first I was biased to considering that all athletes are horrific before I embarked on my research for this paper. But then I found all of the nice things that several players have done to assist others.

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