Community oriented policing is basically meant to reduce the number of crimes in the area in question.  When an individual is able to communicate freely with a police it means that with time, that particular police will definitely buy the trust of the individual thus he or she will be respected. 

Instead of a police driving around a certain neighborhood, he or she should preferably walk on foot so as to be able to communicate freely with a person, (Ortmeier, 2008).This simple act of humility is a very key factor in community oriented policing. it is worth noting therefore that the input of the community in to policing helps to bring together both the police and the public. This incidence enhances the process of generating programs and ideas that will work towards helping the community have a safe environment and also giving the police an easy time in terms of dealing with crime. The police will always be put on alert so that they can quickly react to crimes.

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According to Ortmeier (2008) another significance of this crucial initiative is that the entire affected community will be in a good position to understand what the police do. when the above named parties work together, the police will also be in a good position to comprehend the issues that affect the community therefore will be in a position to serve better and eventually save on precious time that would have been lost in trying to follow false leads.

Proper flow of the community's input works to even encourage the police to use and share important crime information to the people belonging to a certain community. Finally, the incorporation of input by the community is a way to strengthen democracy in a particular region since the individuals who forward the contributions will feel like they are part of the process of combating crime and therefore they will be responsible for their actions.

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