Culture is a great element that contributes immensely to the personality and identity of an individual. An individual’s culture is rooted from the society, community, or family in which he/she has been brought up. People from a certain community or those brought up in a certain family tend to demonstrate a particular societal viewpoint, similar judgments, and reasoning.

I consider myself a loving, hardworking, ambitious, independent, and strong willed person. My orientation to this world was under a diversified cultural experience. My mother is a German while my father was a Native American.  As a German, she had a great dislike of people from other origins but I have managed to overcome such attitudes owing to love from my neighbors. On the other hand, my father was brutal.

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Owing to my bilingual family setting, it was easy for me to interact with other children. I was able to create a large network of friends. Also, because I used to visit the different countries while young to spend with my parent relatives, the network of friends extended overseas. Based on this I have good social skills and can interact with almost any person.

They were both Christians, and I have since then confessed similar religious values. Among them is a sense of care that to a greater extent have shaped my career goals. My grandmother in Germany was blind, and this used to compound my sense of care. This experience led to my willingness to join nursing school.

My parents finally divorced and my mother had to take care of everything that was being catered for by the father. Her industriousness had a lot of impact on me too. I learnt the essence of being independent, a virtue that I have maintained to date. I have always pursued my goals with zeal to make similar achievements as my mother did, that I have seen her achievements among others in the neighborhood.

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