Each self-conscious citizen sooner or later realizes what his native country really means to him. According to the famous proverb, we do not choose our parents and our motherland. Living in the multicultural society and being a part of it presuppose one to preserve his identity pro bono of the whole country. What is more, one should always remember that it is not right to divide people into better or worse, because all people are different. There are a lot of gifted people, but there is no one inapt or unable. In my opinion, the most important is not what country you are from or what your background is. Even one’s religious and cultural believes are less important than one’s deeds and thoughts.

To prevent humanity from having a reputation of a melting pot of the planet, everyone should do a “root and branch’’ review of one’s relations within society and one’s attitude towards nature. It is a common knowledge that we all are customers and consumers. However, we have not still delivered an ethics of consumer’s attitude. Whether we want it or not, we are ruled by the consumer’s society. The idea of consumption has penetrated into our minds. Even in the international arena, the one who owns the resources runs the show. Being the witness of the cruelest war ever, Antoine de Saint-Exupery admitted that people need to bring back themselves ecclesiastical alimentation and spiritual worries and fix this as a vital issue.

The way one lives and thinks determines his or her personality. We are not the parts of something great, but the God’s creation, meant to defend the good and those who need our protection. However, sometimes, the only thing we need to defend is the harmony with the environment we live in under the particular rules and duties. 

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