Ambition is expressed as the motivation or the driving force, towards the attainment of a personal physical or psychological fulfillment, and is fostered through a destructive or constructive course of action. The absolute level of ambitious motivation is depicted as the perceptive or realistic attainment of superiority or power. Ambitious, furtherance of realistic, superiority and power has precipitated more global conflict, as individuals and groups of people try to elevate themselves above others. This has created some of the modern, catastrophic social groups such as terrorists, and other micro-sociological, institution detractors such as feminism.

The two fundamental components of ambition are expertise and recognition. Expertise relates to mastery and perfection in an artistic or profession, whereas recognition refers to professional appreciation, by clienteles and the general audience.

Ambitious contrasts between men and women, lies not in the absence of ambition among the  female sex as the essay title implies, but in the utmost, secretive nature of ambition among the females, as opposed to the openness and outspoken nature of ambitious plans in the male sex. The essay's title is vaguely hypothetical, and this edition thus tries to illustrate existence of vague idealistic, ambition among the females from experimental findings conducted by a professional psychiatrist; Anna Fels, among a sample of professional women in the United States. Ambitious existence among the various psychological classes of females is localized to vague adult and clear, distinct childhood ideologies. Its elevation to reality is inhibited by reproach, shyness, or a pessimistic attitude among the females, in revealing an idealistic ambition that is realistically unattainable.

This essay thus conducts an experimental approach, in illustrating idealistic ambitious concept amongst the female sex, using psychiatric data since field experimentation is completely impracticable.


Ambition involves the presumptive, idealization of perfecting artistic or scientific professional skills. This ambition is usually idolized as a personal or professional iconic figure. Without skills perfection, ambitious ambition only qualifies to be a utopian ideology. The path to ambition through perception is traceable to the childhood age group. In  childhood  ambition  is  illustrated  by  qualitative  and  quantitative  variables  such  as; selectivity, directed interest and persistency in the course of action taken by a child. The course of action taken in performing a specific task follows a vested interest approach, rather than the obvious notion of completing an allocated task.

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Psychiatric inquisition of the professional women by Anna Fels, in his ambition analysis revealed expertise, perfection phenomenon in the same comparable number of examined men, as well as women. In particular Anna Fels describes the childhood, ambition response she got from the professional women as, direct and clear, with delightful, unapologetic sense of grandiosity and limitless possibility.


Without the motivation of appreciative recognition of a perfected skill, a personal effort doesn't qualify as an ambition. Personal efforts for self gratification or with a mere notion of completing a task are also not in the category of ambition. The ambitious emphasizes on an encouraging and evaluating audience, creates an organizational perfection of an individualistic idea, through competition, constructive criticism and morale boosting.

The concept of recognition in ambition forms the basis of women marginalization in the ambition show biz industry. Fostering of ambitious plans among the women is fostered from the extent of skills perfection, but the professional or personal fulfillment success is not extrapolated to the showbiz industry. The reward and skills perfection is more materialistic than psychologically inspired. According to a collection of literally work on several high achievers women such as politicians, women motivational depiction is quenched by their fear to attract attention. The recognition is tactfully transmuted, mostly to a masculine figure in form of a spouse, or alluded to theoretical illusions such as luck.


Ambition does exist among women, from their childhood to adulthood, but only as theoretic plans in their cognitive being. Their elevation to reality is inhibited by omission of the concept of recognition, on attainment of the presumptive ambition. The hypothetical allusion of absence of ambition in female is null in nature. Ambition does occur in females, but only to the idealistic extent. But the predominant absence of recognition aspect in females' ambition doesn't qualify the alternative hypothesis of existence of ambitions in females.

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