In all of History, the United States of America has always been the destination to many immigrants. The American dream as we all hear paints America as the place to be if one wants to achieve their dreams and better their lives and that of their families. The legal process of immigration the United States of America is very lengthy, complicated, costly, and not open to all who have plans to immigrate to America (Kimmel 2003).  

Today, immigration has become dynamic and revolutionalized. There are new policies and reforms that try to incorporate the American citizens' lives as well as the lives of the numerous immigrants that flock our borders every other day looking for better opportunities. A large number of immigrants are a boost to the labor market as they are now equipped with skills (Powell 2005). America is exposed to numerous talents and goods and services that are advantageous and provide the thrill of new experiences that most people are looking for today through the immigrants. However, immigration is not all gold to America. Crime is on the rise and the economy is questioning on how many immigrants it can support and there are always debates as to closing the gate to immigration to protect American citizens' prosperity or control of the number of immigrants that come to the US every year.

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Americans have got mixed reactions concerning immigration and in my opinion, these true colors could be seen during the economic recession. Many Americans take immigrants as equal citizens and human beings whose hard work should see them enjoy all that America has to offer. They are challenged by their hard work and this translates positively in going the extra mile in their lives. The new cultures and languages that come with immigration as well as religion are a fascination to some Americans who even assimilate these cultures into their own. However, some citizens are resentful and view immigrants as leeches and beneath what they consider normal Americans.

They have stereotyped different communities as to what they should be in society and  where they belong for example Spanish women are considered good maids and Mexicans are associated with good food and being waiters and cooks. Gangs have also created a bad name where different immigrant communities are associated with one and this picture further brings resentment. The economic downturn saw people complain that the immigrants were taking up their job opportunities and there was tension as most immigrants were viewed as not worthy of their hard work in America as well as contribution to the economy. This however is not the view of the majority.

It is my opinion that the US government should not give priority to any group of people. This is because all the immigrants whether rich, poor or with special skill have a way of contributing to the American Economy.

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