The major problem that faced by families in military posting is the insupervision of the children.The children are given the least attention by the parents of military families and they are tend to live an eccentric life. The children are the backbone of the society and if not groomed and trained well, they can bring forth an unhealthy personality in the future. They form a big part of the society and they need to be nurtured well to bring about a healthy society.

It was a very disturbing thing to see the children of my friend who is a military officer behaving in a very abusive manner towards him. The language the children have been using and the kind of attention they were giving to their parents is very disgraceful.This has been going for long time in military families as parents are not organized enough to give proper training to the children.The parents suffer greatly from it as it is very disrespectful behavior towards them and also it is very embarrassing and hurtful in front of guests and others.It brings a black mark on the society as they are the future generation who has to guide the rest.

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Military Child Care is one service which will be of great help to single parents who are left alone at home when their spouses are deployed at service. Military summer camps are also very beneficial to children as they interact with qualified staff who advice them on personality improvement and on ways to interact with people.

The Military Child Care give quality care to children from infant stage to twelve years of age. This gives a good foundation to the children regarding their etiquette and manners. Summer camps are also good environment to socialize with other children and staff to build up a better personality. These services give children proper care and education regarding all aspects of life which will brighten up their personality.

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