Most of the important things happening in America today depend on the efforts of the natives. Most of them have been developed from their original to fit the status of the current society. The essay below considers some of the contribution of the Native Americans in the formation of the current government.

Native Americans Contributions

The natives are accountable for the current condition of the ecology, they are accountable for the success in the environmental conservation because. They were not allowed to kill or cut down trees without a genuine reason. These people also learnt to grow various kinds of food which are currently eaten by American residents. They also reinforced the survival of the European settlers in the New World by showing them the economic activities. This has highly contributed to the improvement of the standards of living as well as the population growth hence stability of the other life factors like; political social and cultural.

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The idea of the United States Government originated from the Native Americans. The Iroquoian League of Nations started a leadership style in which some powers were given to the central government and all the others directed to various states. These natives also participated in the World war 1 and 2, for example the service of the Navajo Code Talkers; a group of people who considered themselves as volunteers and perfectly participated in the top-secret work of using a secret code which could not be revealed. This has played a great role in the stability of the political status of America because afterwards it was counted as a victorious nation having conquered the World war. Most of the current leaders of the American government are indigenous people who have grown up and molded under the native cultures.


Although the Native Americans are mostly associated with the negative things, they are accountable for all the activities and status of the current government. The political leaders are molded according to the cultures and traditions of the indigenous people hence they keep reflecting on them for their success.

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