Parents are the most contiguous, most powerful, most durable, and important in the growth of a child. Parents and other family members influence all aspects of the child's development. These aspects include nutrition, language, health, security, beliefs, play and all development, through the contribution and conducts associated to feedback within the family. Children's play refers to means through which children build up skills and social cooperate with other children. Following the interview with parents the followings are their perspectives towards children play;

Children are supposed to be encouraged to play within the house (indoor). It was suggested that parents must take responsibility of buying playing materials for children to play with. All parents agreed that materials such as musical toys, computer games, books and educational resources may be particularly essential. On the issue of toy, some suggested that not all toys are bought for children are necessary. They suggested that toys such as guns and other weapon toys may cause a child to have war mind set. Thus, they concluded that parents are supposed to buy toys that are educative and which cannot harm a child both physically, mentally and emotionally. These educative toys will help a child to be creative, educational development as well as physical development.

They also suggested that children should be allowed and encouraged to play from outside (outdoor). This is by buying recreational equipment such as bicycle to the children, Parents considered bike as a necessity that every parent should buy for their children. This is considered as a necessity because of child's physical development and recreational participation.

Parents also emphasized much on social participation and leisure activities. About half of the items currently used to evaluate deficiency in parents with children, relate directly to social activities and leisure for children. Most of the time is when many children are deprived of particular basic physical requirements; it is frequently the inability to contribute in normal social doings that distinguish destitute families. They considered social participation such as birthdays as remarkably vital.

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In addition, parents suggested that, it is decidedly crucial for children to be involved in leisure and social participation despite how costly it may be. They suggested that hobbies such as swimming which is necessary for children development and safety must be emphasized by parents. Although parents differed about rate at which swimming trips for children are to be made, they agreed that it should be regular.  Also, they agreed that children should be involved on other organized activities such as sporting and cultural activities. This was acceptable both on the basis of personal development and being able to kowtow to the standard of their peers. Contributors in several groups articulated anger, that events are over and over again so costly, Parents agreed that children must be able to go on school tours, and they considered them significant for their learning and development.

Social development theories are been highly emphasized from the research and in this report.  Supposed that, early interaction with parents play a crucial role in child growth and continues to manipulate social relationships during the life of a child. This theory is characterized by, secure attachment that exhibits children distress when separated from the parents and they are happy when their parents return. Children are able to feel secure and assured when they are with their parents. Children will also seek comforts from their parents; they know parents as caregivers, comforters and reassurance. From the report, parents seem as caregivers where they provide for their children the happiness they need, also as security, and comforters among others. Thus, this theory is highly reflected.

In conclusion, parents have an important role to play in their children development and creativity through encouraging them to play. A child must be encouraged to play for a healthy body, mind as well as social participation.

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