With the dawn of the 21st Century, many societies in the world have grasped a tendency towards a unified approach on values that promote cultural solidarity. This has aimed at building a world that truly shares an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. In this context, culture thus form a strong basis of what values to be adopted. Based on the fact that culture is a way of life; it is responsible for shaping how we see and perceive our world by giving us the lens to view the world. We thus appreciate some aspects and avoid others. Culture is also responsible for molding what we value and what we don't value. Through out this context, the central argument will pose some of the shared core values in our culture that tends towards a unified society that promotes solidarity.

Adopting cultural diversity will be one core value that will bring solidarity among the societies. Accruing to the fact that everything is going global, cultural diversity will enable societies to share mutual values that will be beneficial on the economic, social, cultural and political fronts for the different societies. This promotes trust among as well as harmony among these societies. Respect for life: Every society experiences loss of life in various ways. Instilling the sense that all people are important regardless of their race, social and cultural background is the way forward to respect human life. This creates the sense that we should help people in need.

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Protecting children from any kind of abuse is another core values that can be universal for all societies of the world. Children are innocent and should not suffer in any way. By adopting this value, all societies will give a proper education to our children, good health and safety from abuse.

Gender equality in all societies; for many years, this has raised heated debates on whether men and women are equal. Though this varies from one society to another, it is evident that some societies give more privilege to men as opposed to their women. All societies need to adopt this value as it will create peaceful societies that share uniform values. It will make world planning easier as it will be aiming at almost one society rather than many societies that have different values.

In conclusion, shared core values are a perfect step to achieving unified societies. Through cultural diversity, respect for human life, child protection and gender equality, the world will be on a uniform platform through which it can take the world to the next level. The world will be one global village where people have contact with each other and share a common understanding on the issues that most affect them. By looking at these shared values, there is hope of achieving a unified society that promotes solidarity.

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