First of all, it is important to note that in the beginning Taylor just like many people concede to the fact that the actual meaning of life is relative and the more we indulge in such discussions the more elusive the topic becomes. According to Taylor, to understand what gives life a complete meaning then every human creature must first of all look at what makes life meaningless. What comes to be the focal point of a meaningless less life is evidently the repetitious or cyclic life that seems to have no ending.  This assertion means that for life to be meaningful, it must converge at a particular point. Something that does not yield any definite outcome should be declared meaningless and the reverse is true. I kind succumb to this school of thought even from a scientific perspective. In mathematics or physics, such kind of work results to a null zero.

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Besides the culmination of activities to a particular outcome, the other variable seen to give meaning to life is the state of mind and feeling. That is, when an individual tunes himself or herself to a direction of liking an activity, then he is likely to develop meaning for that kind of action. Closely associated with the state of mind is the human interest or will. This has the potential of creating an infinite boredom. Look at it in this perspective, when one develops an interest in doing a particular activity, there is a higher chance that such activity will a definite conclusion and what follows will be boredom. This comes out of the fact that when human heart accomplishes its desire, the person then sees no more interest in developing anything new but attaching a great deal of interest in what is already created.  

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