The question regarding harmony in the world has been debated by scientists for more than a millennium. No matter how different society existence factors are, scientists came to the thought that the main issue is the mental factor of society, especially the human capacity of understanding and forgiving another person. So, what is forgiveness and how to achieve it?

 Forgiveness is primarily a feeling when you are not angry and do not hurt a person who has done something bad for you.  People can make mistakes, feel guilty for what they did, and then make mistakes again time after time. Sometimes, there are situations where such kind of action can lead to resentment or even insult another person. As a result of such situations, conflicts arise one by one. The fact that you are insulted unjustly provides feeling of dominance over those who committed the act which ultimately led to such unpleasant emotive state.

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Even taking into consideration that everyone is good in heart, it is impossible to approve the fact that when a conflict arises, you immediately forgive the abuser. This is due to the situation that today the world is developing in the way that you need to survive in difficult conditions to achieve success, even at the cost of blood and tears of others. A situation that could cause such an inadequate response may be quite meaningless. Here are a few everyday examples to describe the absurdity of reasons which cause conflicts. A neighbor decided to cut out the tree, because shadow reflects to his territory; or the driver, who did not keep a distance and hit the car in front of him. Each person needs to understand that life goes according to the boomerang principle. Helping a person in a difficult situation, in return, you will get help when you need; forgiving someone for some damage, you will get forgiveness to yourself.

The main task of a person living in the world is to do good deeds and to have no grunge against anybody despite all the problems and unpleasant situations that occurred in life. Taking into consideration the religious point of view on this issue, God bequeathed to live in peace according to His laws and to bring good that does not hurt either world or society as a whole.

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