Research information indicates that video gaming is on the rise can easily confirmed by the number of people involved. Research findings assertively point out that about 50% of all Americans play computer and video games. It is factual that today people spend more money on video games than they do spend on video viewing. Undisputedly, video games are increasingly becoming a fact of life among adults and children. However, the largest contributors are teens, with 81% playing video games online. These are children of school going age, prompting parents, academics, the gaming industry and the players to raise questions as to whether video gaming is educational or harmful.

Firstly, the claim that video gaming helps students to understand technical information, promotes literacy, problem solving and testing hypotheses is founded on the fact that research shows that students involved in video gaming had a better understanding of certain subjects than those taught conventionally. According to James Gee the biggest barrier to school learning is the child's inability to deal with complex academic language found in books. He argues that meanings of words can only be known if hooked to actions, images or dialogues to which they apply (953). He however adds that mentors must encourage critical thinking while explaining the use of the complex language. Gardner agrees with Gee and says that video gaming allows one to learn many subjects at the same time. Virtual resources as well enable the participants to learn to freely express themselves doing business. This enables them to lean many things virtually preparing them to apply in real life. On the issue of literacy, it cannot be said with certainty that it can be promoted by video gaming. Students can manage in some cases to distinguish various issues, but this is not conclusive since the research has not been extensive.

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That video gaming involving violent scene produce violent behavior in kids and that it isolates young people has been researched. Evidence of violence and isolation, though dismal, has been witnessed among some video gamers. Researchers recommend that the content of the video games should be managed that the games are fit for the target group.

The question of addiction has also been raised and debated. Research findings indicate that some cases of addiction have been documented. In fact some cases have been severe as to necessitate treatment  the rate of addiction is however low according to research finding as it was found that gamers spend about 234 hours a week doing other activities. In addition the areas that have been criticized , that it narrows the gender gap, is not sufficiently argued out as other finding s indicate that there is near equal participation in video gaming. Video gaming of the right content should be encouraged in the libraries based on the fact that they can promote understanding of complex concepts.

In conclusion, despite the negative claims made, video gaming is obviously popular among the young and the adults. In video gaming though, interests are varied, for example, from the video producer to the consumer, from government to individuals, and from the rich to the poor, thus making the analysis as to its benefits to society complicated. To a believable degree, video games helps learners to fast understand technical language than when purely taught in class, but the problem is other non academic content associated. If video games must be used as an educational tool and be positively useful to our society, then the stakeholder must discuss the content, the number of hours one should view and the cost implications. Above all, mentorship should be given to ensure critical thinking and proper understanding of technical issues is inculcated.

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