For a long time I thought that exercises are only meant for people who are engage d in sporting activities. This persuasive essay provided an opportunity that I support Mick Singh reasoning on the importance of exercising. I come to find out that people do exercise for variety of reasons. I find out that people don’t only exercise to look like the celebrities and famous people who have placed a lot of emphasis on their eating and exercise routine.

My view of having a diet check to stay healthy and look young even changed. I thought that one can look good and sexier not only by managing his/her diet and similar products but by regular exercises. After reading an article by Mick Singh on why should people exercise, I find out that there are more gains when one does a routine exercise than just concentrating on diet.

Exercises are not only meant for people who are involved in sporting activities. The importance of exercising is extended to both the young and the old who desire to have a healthy living. This is not directed to those who want to lose weight since there are people who find some exercising activities very enjoyable. It is important for people to take time off there busy schedule and let there mind wonder. I came to realize that there are many forms of exercises such as swimming, bike riding which are enjoyable forms of exercising.

Although there was no much time to read the whole article, I did take into account on why I should exercise on a routine basis t o keep myself fit and healthy. Since I started exercising, I have experienced positive results in my life. But this does not mean that it is easy since for a moment I felt like I was overworking myself but for the slogan ‘just do it’ kept me going. One should not give up exercising especially the young people who want to have a healthy life as exercising can help prevent certain chronic diseases in our life.


Exercise provides people with the ability to have more self-esteem, self worth and a high level of confidence. Exercise has many benefits that help people live longer, healthier and happier. It also has an effect on our overall appearance, which can directly influence our self-esteem. Although the perfect looking bodies that a society shrive for are only reached with extreme dedication. Simple daily exercise is guaranteed to increase self-confidence.


People do exercise normally because they are conscious about there health benefits. The fact is that everyone needs exercise and good health. This does not apply to only the young who want to have good body shape or the elderly who are concerned about the heart diseases, but it is important that one should do a routine exercise in order to prevent these concerns.

When achieving great results, the excitement and fun experienced makes the change well worth the effort. When exercising, the body releases endorphins, chemicals that create happy feelings in the brain. While majority of research efforts focus on physical and health payback of exercise, a body of work demonstrates that exercise promotes wellness and mental health. Most young people are flexible but as people grow older, they lose their flexibility. The body muscles operate as shock absorbers.  They provide a significant balancing agent in our system. These chemicals released by the brain are the natural painkillers and can lead to an increase of feelings of happiness (Morris, 2004).

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Exercising has many health benefits such as helping weight management, improves the quality of life and reducing the feeling of depression and anxiety. ‘According to the study of Tufts University, the greater your muscle mass, the greater your longevity potential,’ (Paige, 2012).  Appropriate aerobic exercise can physically and mentally enhance people’s health. It helps release psychological pressure that comes out from fierce social competition and severe stress due to its function as a kind to make people relax. Proper exercise promotes the movement of the blood and speeds up to eradicate wastes of the body. For those minor ailments like the cold or fever, doing exercise will be better than simply medical treatment.

Exercise boots energy by improving the muscular strength and boost the endurance. Exercise and physical activities deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and help the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. This gives more energy to go about daily chores.

Both the exercise and temperature increases the core body temperature. This is achieved during exercising where the body sends more blood to circulate through the skin leaving less blood for the muscle, which intern increases the body heat rate. Exercise also helps to reduce the heat related illness.

Exercising is important for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain and helps to combat fatigue. Exercise can help improve your fitness without hurting your joint. People who regularly exercise are believed to experience a better sleep. A frequent activity will lead you have a very cozy sleep without any issues at all at night, its indeed a restful night after being tired or worked-up. Exercise is also believed to put a spark back into the sex life. Regular exercising   leaves one feeling energized and looking better, which have a positive effect to the sex life. Regular physical activities lead to enhance arousal for women and assist in resolving the issues of erectile dysfunction in men (Mayo, 2011).

Being physically active reduces the risks of cancer among the people. Initial findings of researchers suggest that the risks of endometrial cancer. Another is the lung cancer that is lower in people who get regular physical activities. Regular exercise can also help reduce the risks of developing diabetic and metabolic syndrome. Exercising can be a fun way to spend some time. It gives a chance to help unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engaged in activities that makes one happy. Exercising activities can also help give you a connection with the loved ones in any gathering.


Exercise should be combined with healthy eating which provides balanced diet in the body. This is done by simply managing what eat to help manage the level of fat loss. Most people in the present society rarely engage their bodies in any physical activity due to luxuries such as using labor saving machines, moving stairs, cars among others. There is also healthy food that makes one to be more healthy and able to sustain any manner of exercise. To correct this energy imbalance and ensure healthy life, it is important to ensure we maintain an effective level of activities. Exercise increases the rate at which the body utilizes the strength and eats up all the stored one hence resulting in weight loss. A higher level of physical activities does not only decrease the level of body stout but also improves the overall fitness. When exercising, the efforts must exceed that of the normal daily life. Exercise does not only mean weight loss as there are many people who do not have to engage themselves in doing it, since there are benefits that come exercising apart from enjoying the exercise itself. It is good for people to always do routine exercises as it can give as a sense of control.  

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