Many individuals like being masters in all fields, especially in today’s world where the levels of unemployment are very high. People have been forced to gain skills in different field rather than concentrating in one field. When one specializes in a certain field he/she becomes a master in this field. For example, when one focuses his/her efforts in marketing field, he/she becomes an expert in the field. Being a master at a given area increases one’s efficiency and effectiveness in the task where he/she is performing. Efficiency improves  organization’s performance. When an organization is performing well, its revenue increases with a big margin. Therefore, an individual being a master at a certain area improves his/her performance. Individuals should focus their efforts in being masters at specific areas, for example, being rather  good marketers  than being masters in all fields.

Teach them to Fish

There are many beggars in our streets who beg  each and every day. Many a time  we give them one day meal. There is need to do it rather in order to restore hope in the lives of the million beggars across the globe. We need to go a step further and equip these people with skills of fishing rather than giving them fish. The best form of assistance that we can give them is paying for their education costs, at least in order to provide them with opportunities of competing with others. When one has education, he/she can manage to take advantage of various available opportunities such as employment opportunities. This new form of assistance will go along with fighting poverty levels in the world. Therefore, it is important for us to embrace the culture of teaching people how to fish rather, than to give them fish

Chapter 2

Making Decisions in Life

Many a time  I faced with difficult situations that call for me to make a decision. I  always faced with various alternative courses of actions. I have to choose the best course of action taking. When faced with this kind of  situation I always consult with my friends to get their advice on the issue at hand. For example, I sometime have to decide on whether to attend a party or write a term paper which maybe is due within two days. I consult with my friends who help me come up with the viable decision on the issue. Consultations have played a crucial role in the final decisions that I have found myself making in life. I have always managed to come out of demanding situations due to the wide consultations that I make. Thereby, consulting is very crucial for one when making life decisions.

Focus the Key to Success

Sometimes we face with stiff competition as we seek to satisfy our needs. We have to ensure that our concentration is focused to the attainment of the goal in question. It was on  Monday morning and I was among twenty interviewees for the position of marketing representative. I had to get this job as my survival was dependent on the outcome of the interview. But I knew that it would not be easy to get it because of the stiff competition that I was expecting from the other applicants. I had to ensure that I focused my concentration at the task that was at hand. When my turn to be interviewed came, I walked confidently to the interview room. My confidence played a great role in my getting the job. I managed to answer confidently the questions that I was asked,  and my sharp ability to concentrate also played to my advantage. I learnt from that day that focus is the key to success as my ability to focus at getting the post helped me to succeed in the interview.

Chapter 3


Tempting someone to do something evil is the worst mistake that one can ever make. Once I found myself in the situation of such a kind. I tempted my friend James and he end up stealing his mother’s money with aim of helping me. I had lied to him that I was in police custody and I needed cash to bail me out. Due to our friendship James went to extent of stealing his mother’s money. This resulted to a painful moment for my friend when he paid dearly for his mistake. Our friendship also suffered from the incident for six months. I learnt from the incident that temptations are costly, especially when they lead someone to sin. I will never tempt my friend again as this case taught me a hard lesson in my life. Therefore, tempting someone to sin is the worst mistake that one can ever make.

My Source of Encouragement

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Martin Luther King senior has been the source of motivation and encouragement in my life ever since I was a boy. His selfless character made me to like him very much. He dedicated his life to fight for what was right. Despite the opposition that he got from various strata of the American society he never gave up his fight. He always encouraged me to fight for what was right in spite of the challenges that would come my way. From his actions and efforts the black Americans are now enjoying the fruits of his work. I have learnt the need to face challenges with positive attitude from his life. He also encourages me to fight for my dreams even if the road to success is slippery. Surely Martin Luther has made great contributions in my life through the life that he lived during his days.

Chapter 4

Locating an Office

Many organizations  face with the challenge of choosing an ideal location where they can locate their offices. It is important to know that the location of an office have a direct impact on the performance of the organization. The first factor that is to consider when choosing an ideal location for an office is security of the locality. The security of the organization’s properties, employees and customers is very crucial. The location of the office should be secure. Secondly, nearness to the customers should be another factor to be considered. The office should be located in an ideal location to the customers. The third factor being considered is availability of good infrastructure. The locality should have good communication and road network. Finally, the goals of the organization should be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is very crucial for the planners to take into consideration all the above factors while choosing an ideal location for setting up an office.

Car Insurance Cover

Taking a cover for your  vehicle is a legal requirement in my country. One has to take an insurance cover for his/her vehicle. A car owner usually benefits from car insurance cover in case of an accident. The insurance company compensates the owner from the losses that he/she incurs during the accident. Therefore, it is important for car owners to take up insurance covers for their cars. When taking up a cover there are requirements that one must meet in order to get insurance cover. First, one should faithfully give the material facts about the car he/she want to insure. Secondly, one should ensure that his/her car is licensed by the relevant authority. Fulfilling these requirements prevents the insured person from not being compensated in case of the risk insured against taking place. Therefore, it is advisable for one to fulfill all the above conditions when taking up a car insurance cover.

Chapter 5

Changing the World

I was born in the U.S.A, one of the most powerful states in the world both economically and militarily.  There is demand for world economic powers to realize the need of making their contributions in the fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases in various parts of the world. Africa, Asia and Latin America are the worst hit continents with poverty, ignorance and diseases. The U.S.A has realized this noble task and has made tremendous contributions in the world. They have distributed relief foods in hunger stricken areas in the world.  They have also funded various development projects in third world countries such as water irrigation projects. My country has also helped in the fight against terrorism, thereby contributing in bringing peace and stability in the world. US government has invested heavily in the field of medicine, especially in the area of drug research, thus providing hope for the millions of people in the world.

James Attitude

James, one of my best friends, has one of the most admirable characters. He has a character of positive attitude towards life. His ability to take things in  positive way even when they seem not to be working makes him to be admirable by many people. He has played a great inspirational role of transforming negative attitude of many classmates towards certain subjects. He always takes every challenge that comes his way in a positive note. He has the ability to see opportunities in demanding tasks. James’s ability to fight even when the battle calls for one to quit has helped him accomplish many remarkable things. He is one of the role models of positive living in our school. His positive attitude towards life issues has contributed to the improvement of our class overall performance. James has helped me learn that one’s attitude determines his/her success in life.

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