Context of Project

My project involved writing a letter to the General Manager of the Big-1 Car Rental for you to sign. I would then address the issues arising from delayed payments for goods that our company had offered to them. I have in addition passed the information to our General Manager and the Director of sales though an internal memo. I assumed that Big-1 Rental was fully aware of its responsibility but I still I do not have a clue why they have not obliged to it.

A Letter to the General Manager, Big-1

This was an external correspondence document addressed to him at Big-1.In the letter I had to have a professional tone as well as sound very serious about the inconvenience their company had caused us. I also reiterated details about our agreement but I was not keen on mentioning the repercussions of not paying up in time at this stage.

A Memo to the General Manager and the Director of Sales

This is an internal document responding to Page's request. I express my point of view of the problem and how it should be approached. I also state the techniques I employed in writing the final letter giving details such as the use of strictly formal language to address our client and a high sense of professionalism.

I asked Mr. Allen the accounts officer about the best way possible to go about this task before us. I chose him because of his vast knowledge in revenue collection and dealing with bad debtors. He gave me a written answer which I adopted after making some slight changes. I also sought some input from the financial controller who had almost the same views as the accounts officer had given earlier on. I therefore merged the two and used it to come up with the final document.

Project Objectiveness

I do believe that the final product that resulted out of this effort is exactly what I had intended to have. The letter is very professionally written, and very courteous. It also does well in maintaining our good relations with our client but at the same time asserting our discontentment about the same time.

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Encl: Memo to Gerard Lopez &   Don Kim

FROM: Frank Page, Plant Manager

TO: General Manager, Big-1


I am writing to remind you of the funds that are owed to us and have not been submitted in good time. This is concerning the ten cars that we supplied your firm over six months ago on Purchase order number 7898878J.

Our signed agreement with your company was to repay the amount due before the tenth day of every month. This was however not realized this month and hence my letter to you.

Kindly make arrangements to proceed with your payment schedule as soon as possible.


TO: Gerard Lopez, General Manager

CC: Don Kim, Director of Sales

FROM: Frank Page

SUBJECT: Big-1 Case

The purpose of this memo is to highlight the latest development concerning Big-1 case. I have also indicated the options we have as well as my suggested solution.

As most you are aware, the Big-1 Rental Company has been our client for sometime now. They have purchased cars from us on various occasions and we have been having a cordial relationship with them. Surprisingly, they have not been able to forward their repayments in good time this month. I have therefore decided to ask them to pay up their dues as soon as they can before we are able to take other measures t recover the money owed to us. The other options we could employ include:

            -Repossessing the cars

            -Suing them

            -Hiring professional debt collector to follow up the payments

I have therefore written a memo to the General Manager asking them to repay promptly. I however felt that it is best that we give them a notice first before we are able to employ any of these methods to recover our money.

You can forward any of your thoughts about my decision and possible solutions.

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