Outsourcing can be defined as the act of a company obtaining a contract with another so as it can be able to provide services that can be done by employees based in different locations worldwide including work from home employees. In the recent past, there has been a rapid increase of outsourcing jobs such as data entry, provision of call center services, services related to email management, as well as management of services related to payroll. Outsourcing has several advantages (Engardio Arndt & Foust 2006). To start with, it helps in extensive application of the growing Information Technology. Secondly, it helps in job creation to millions of people around the globe who would have been jobless yet highly talented. Finally, outsourcing is very beneficial to the companies that engage in it. These companies are able to save massive amounts of money as work is done for less costs, no benefits are provided to workers and overhead costs are greatly eliminated.

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On the other hand, outsourcing is not always advantageous. Some disadvantages include widespread scams, limitations of language differences, existences of differences in time zones which may cause problems in keeping in touch, no possibility of building a team and deny of benefit to local economy (Engardio Arndt & Foust 2006). The US companies are greatly getting involved in outsourcing. They view outsourcing as one of the best way they can attain quick growth and profit maximization. Although outsourcing benefits offshore economies, it still benefits the economy of the United States. Some companies that may have been dwindling and headed towards failure have been rescued thus benefiting the economy. Similarly, outsourcing creates employment in the U.S. economy just like in other overseas economies.  From the foregoing, we can conclude that outsourcing is the way to go. A company that wants to go far in this day and age needs to embrace it. Otherwise, it will be as good as dead.

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