It is clear that globalization has played a vital role in terms of generation of employment across the world. The employment opportunities have increased. There are a number of factors that have led to increased employment opportunities due to globalization. The aspect of market liberalization through open market policies initiation is very important. This will definitely lead to increased GDP and exports of a country. The results are a significant rise in customer base and in turn rise in customer market where the market changes are entirely dependent on the supply chains. Growth in demand brings about favorable change and thus supply will also start increasing. Supply is closely related to employment such that more supply translates into more employment (Moran, 2002).

Globalization and the expansion of consumer markets have led to growing of many segments in various sectors of the industry. This situation has in turn resulted into the rise in the degree of demand and supply. The industry segments include: information technology, agro-products, health care and personal and beauty care. The introduction of a wide range of sectors has led to a general growth of the economy of various countries (Stallings, 2000). An increase in the number of different industry segments means a growing demand for workforce thus employment opportunities as young people are absorbed into the segments. The young people have been observed to be taking jobs in the respective segments and converting them into their own careers.

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The employment’s rate has also been enhanced by the unorganized segments as many people have been reported to be working under this sector. These people are attracted by the improved pay package which has increased to a large extent over years.

Globalization has also improved the standards of living of natives of a country. The growth of the economy has translated into development of infrastructure, health care facilities and services. Growth of a country’s economy leads to an improvement of the employment situation and income per capita (Prasad, 2003). Increased employment opportunities means that an individual is guaranteed employment and definitely at the end of the day his or her income will directly affect his or her standards of living. When an individual receives a wage or salary at the end of an agreed period, it means that he or she is able to settle bills, buy basic necessities thus improved standards of living.

Globalization has also led to development of other sectors for instance the service sector which greatly contributes to the GDP of many countries. All these developments have a bearing on the employment opportunities. Various governments have taken initiative to match the process of globalization for instance certain posts have been created within the government to manage the employment situation in respective countries (Park, 2002). Examples include a number of employment opportunities such as in India, Prime Minister Rojgar and the CM Rojgar Yojna were initiated for purposes of improving the employment situation in the country side. To enhance migration and communication and infrastructure, many governments have been forced to put up or further improve existing infrastructure in order to increase connectivity.

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