Correct implementation of marketing and sales strategies is crucial in maximization of business profits. Marketing and sales are interdependent aspects in generation of revenue from a product. Effective marketing sets a stage for launching sales and procurement of revenue for a business. Despite this interdependence, differences exist between marketing and sale strategies. Marketing strategies involve activities meant to create awareness about a business among potential customers. These activities seek to clarify the benefits customers accrue by using services of a particular business as opposed to services of competitors (Mehta, 2008). Communication venues employed in marketing are less individual-oriented. On the other hand, sale strategies focus on promoting customer orders in order to generate revenue for a business. These strategies are individual-oriented due to the need to obtain agreement on a product of concern. A combination of various sale strategies causes customers to decide to purchase a service or product. Scenarios of one-on-one meetings are common in execution of sale strategies.

Development of a new product requires consideration of some guidelines that will promote business advantages derived from the product. First, it is important to conduct a comprehensive market research in order to obtain an overview of target population. Secondly, an analysis of market competition guides the development of a product that is distinct from those offered by other market players. Thirdly, testing of different marketing approaches helps in selection of the most effective marketing strategy for a product. Fourthly, establishment of a public relations program provides a platform upon which potential customers can review a product (McDonald, 2002). This promotes the enhancement of product quality. Before launching a new product, consideration for overall timing is crucial as it determines readiness of a product. Other aspects of readiness include a timeline for and preparedness of employees in marketing a product. 

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