The gaming industry is a significant part of economy and entertainment industry in the U.S.A. For about 100 years it has been creating “jobs and business opportunities for local businesses and providing direct gaming tax revenues to stimulate economies and help communities grow”.

Despite the fact that the commercial casino industry is wide-spread all over the world, the U.S remains one of the most important centers in this sphere (48 states have some form of legal gaming).

The gaming entertainment business always strives to maximize the profit that is why everything possible is made to attract new customers. Today a great number of commercial casinos offer an amazing variety of non-gaming amenities such as delicious food and beverages, golf lessons, spas and even shows. Furthermore, many casino companies provide their visitors with new technological innovations which improve the general customer experience. One of the biggest companies is Deutsche Bank, which is the owner of the most expensive casino in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (casino) takes up the area of more than 8,7 acres. “The casino occupies the first floor, while restaurants, retailers and common area with a pool table take up the next two”. The architects of this casino have foreseen everything to the smallest details. They created a wonderful design of gaming rooms and attractive premises with recreation facilities all around the casino where people have an opportunity to get a lot of enjoyment out of shopping and dining.

In fact, the gaming industry has everything to please even the most fastidious clients. All you need is a huge sum of money. There are many different types of gambling which include such popular games as blackjack, poker, playing on slot machines and buying lottery tickets. These forms of entertainment are spread among the masses but the well-off chose more sophisticated game - baccarat. “The game is mainly found in the high-limit rooms of the Ship casinos that cater to the wealthiest gamblers”. They spend billions of dollars on this game every year that why casinos try to create the best conditions for gamblers and their families. Luxurious accommodations, arranged flights, different gifts, appetizing dishes and other perks are prepared for celebrities of the gaming industry. The revenue from baccarat players is “about a billion more than gamblers wagered in all of the games offered on the Las Vegas during the same period”.

Unfortunately, a great number of people lose their head during gambling and cause many problems. To solve this setback the American Gaming Association (AGA) was created. The main purpose of this organization is to raise social awareness and to implement responsible gaming practices. Recently a new term became well-spread among  the commercial casinos which is called “pathological gambling”. The American Psychiatric Association uses this term to describe “the clinical disorder characterized by a persistent and recurring failure to resist gambling behavior that is harmful to the individual and concerned others”. In fact, there are 3 forms of this disorder but in comparison with the third type (“pathological gambling”) the second one is not so detrimental. Luckily, the studies have established that only 1 % of the U.S. adult population is suffering from this “disease”.

In 1998, the AGA started the Responsible Gaming National Education Campaign strive to increase the awareness of the public .This campaign also conducts Responsible Gaming

Education Week (RGEW), which annually provides efficient practices for disordered and common people who somewhat relate to the gambling. Moreover, everything possible is made to prevent underage gambling .Commercial casino companies carry out special staff training. One of the main purposes of the campaign is to involve parents who should talk with young people about the risks of gambling and discourage them at the same time.

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