The article “S&P 500 Falls on Growth Concern as Treasuries Erase Gain” focuses on the current trend of the US stocks market. It evaluates the performance of various companies based on the Standard & Poor’s 500 and the MSCI Emerging Markets’ index. These indexes are crucial in evaluating the performance of various stocks and the stock market equilibrium. In addition, Gammelto and Regan describe the performance of major currencies such as the Euro and other aspects of the stock exchange such as the treasury’s involvement in market regulation. Another crucial aspect discussed in the article is how an anticipated injection of funds into the economy will affect the stock market. Moreover, the article describes how major stakeholders in the economy such as the Federal Reserve pose significant impacts on the stock market. It highlights the changes in the S&P 500 market index in response to an anticipated involvement of the Federal Reserve in the purchase of mortgage securities. The share value for companies in the home industry such as Bed Bath & Beyond changed in response to the Federal Reserve’s announcement (Gammelto & Regan, 2012).

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Statistics concerning the performance of the stock exchange is a crucial factor in any economy. These statistics considerably influence the decision making process of various market players. The information on the stock market helps stakeholders to evaluate trends relating to profits or losses, and take appropriates decision in anticipation of future outcomes. Gains or losses in major currencies affect most of the aspects of trade both locally and internationally. The stabilization of major currencies is crucial to the realization of steady economies in the global perspective. This because the valuation of important commodities such as oil occurs based on major world currencies. By evaluating the performance of energy shares, concerned parties can react appropriately.

An evaluation of the stock exchange is a crucial aspect concerning the projection of the performance of the economy. This affects aspects such as a company’s revenue and decision-making. 

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