In the learning process, it is normally a requirement, for students to put the things that they learn in class into practice. There is normally a recommendation to go into the field to experience that what they expect to do once they leave school. Two most critical engagements along a student’s course are internships and preferably volunteer services. As a student, I had to do internship to make my learning life complete. During the summer break, I did an internship and a volunteer service in South Korea. I will give information about my experiences in the two cases below.

My Internship

I did my internship with an organization called Keunil Enpla, which is based in South Korea. Keunil Enpla is an automobile parts company. It is a medium sized company. The company’s mission is to make the best possible automobile parts out of this world. Some of the automobile parts that this company manufactures include; T.M.V BODY valve for brake booster, CMC cylinder for clutch booster CMC body for clutch master cylinder and single body valve for brake booster. The organizational culture of this company is to promote its workers. This could be because of the work experience that can only thrive among employees and also to encourage employees to put their best effort in return of reward.

Keunil Enpla was established in the year 1991. It got its official registration in 2004. The company employs between 101 to500 employees. Its annual revenue ranges between 500000 to 1000000 US Dollars. Keunil Enpla had quite an exemplary organizational system. It was a company of my admiration. It draws its customers from all over the world. Keunil Enpla’s main markets include: China, Mexico, USA and Iran. Compnay achievement:  in 1997, Keunil Enpla succeeded in developing a replacing cylinder body for 105 clutch booster to new fiber from cast iron. The company aims at localizing its products by introducing advanced technological principles from developed countries and making use of engineering strengthened plastic.

I got the internship by means of application. For a long time, I had admired the mystery behind motor vehicle operation. At childhood, I had a fun from vehicles. A recommendation from school expressed the need for the company to offer me that opportunity to join and learn from them. I got my acceptance letter just at the beginning of summer holidays. It was a moment that I had anticipated for a long time. At least this was an opportunity to express the knowledge I had gained in class and perhaps learn more. Orientation: upon reporting at the company, I got assigned to a senior automobile engineer with whom I was to interact with for the time that I was going to spend in Keunil Enpla. He was a pleasant and hard working fellow, strict on duty and serious to train. The orientation time was quite hectic, but I had to go a long with all the duties. It was a fantastic learning spree. Finally, I got posted to the sales department where I was to oversee the sale and dispatch of goods to customers. I kept a record of all automotive parts sold every day. This was quite an exciting opportunity for me to be able to learn automobile parts and dynamics of dealing with customers (Green 25). There were challenges, but I always sought for help where things did not seem clear. I reported to the dispatch supervisor and ensured that everything under my jurisdiction was up to standard. I tried my best to maintain high levels of discipline. I worked hard in my area. I kept an open mind to learn new things every moment I had the opportunity.

The responsibilities I was given were a real application of my class work. I learnt aspects of administration. I also became conversant with different working environments and how to relate with employees. Work at the dispatch section was quite an experience. My working hours began at 8am and ended at 5pm in the evening. I put on my dust coat took my tools of job which included order and receipt books and a pen alongside a PC to make my recordings. The position required accuracy and honesty. My supervisor had to make sure that my records tallied with the store records. I had to do things swiftly because the day strengthened, customers crowded the shop to fetch their orders. A loyal customer relation was a requirement, so I had to wear the best smile on my face as I talked to them.

The Defining Moments in Keunil Enpla

The entire time I was in the organization is worth remembering. The whole duration shaped my life and helped me to identify a few things about myself and the world around me. A few moments though cannot go unmentioned. The staff in Keunil Enpla was one body that I cannot fail to remember. Working together with the company’s employees was exceptionally fun. They were tremendously supportive. They helped me to identify the immense potential that is in me. In the department where I was, every staff was anxious to interact and figure out about what I study in school. Being their junior, they grew exceedingly fond of me. They all treated me as their own. They taught me lessons, both professional and issues of life.

Each day was a day to anticipate. Time was spent with less boredom but rather work and supportive colleagues around. I learnt that I wanted to stay around because they all wanted hang around me. I never worried about things I would need at work because there always was someone ready to see to that. They passed words of encouragement into my ears. The words were as sweet and fresh as if never told to anyone. Their hospitality, defined a new character of friendliness in me.

Another defining moment was the experience that I had during the orientation time. I discovered that I can be extraordinarily fast learner.  My trainer taught me a number of automobile principles. He was mesmerized at how fast I mastered the things he told me. I was practically able to learn how vehicle parts work to yield the functionality. I learnt how to assemble parts like brake booster and clutch master cylinder. The knowledge that I gained was indeed enough to earn me employment in an automobile company. It was a time worth cherishing. The machine parts were indeed fascinating. I learnt the importance of putting yourself all in what you do. My trainer taught me organizational behavior and how to deal with diversity in my surrounding. I learnt that productivity is boosted when workers interrelate well and work together to achieve common organizational goals.

Another defining moment of my stay in Keunil Enpla is one day as I was doing my normal record keeping. The tallies seemed not balanced. I became very worried and hot. I tried to look for a solution of the problem but could not.  I tried to convince my supervisor that I did my tallies well. It was later discovered that one of the junior workers had confused some parts by mistake. I almost swallowed him for putting my life into jeopardy. We dampened down our tempers and things normalized. I learnt that I cannot be patient with mistakes. Though mistakes are inevitable and may sometimes call for acceptance and forgiveness.

I would highly recommend this organization for others. I surely believe that the experience that I had working in Keunil Enpla is worth an experience for others to go through too. It is a place where real experience is inevitable. I can attest to the fact that everyone wishes to work in peaceful environment around them and this is the place you are sure to find peace. If I will get an opportunity to work for Keunil Enpla after my graduation, I will not decline. I admire a medium sized company a lot. Having made friends there, I would be best placed to go back. So I won't mind if such a challenge or something of equivalence comes my way.

Volunteer Service

During summer break, I also did a voluntary service. Voluntary service means sacrificing one’s time to serve another person and expect no pay at all. It is never forced but rather a choice that one makes in his heart. The organization where I volunteered is called Jungwoon Healthcare Centre. Jungwoon is a Korean Healthcare Centre that offers voluntary services to areas around the hospital. The mission of this organization is to help as many people as possible. It is a small organization that provides services to people who are not able to help themselves. It reaches out to old people, children and general community affairs like health and sick people. The organizational culture was to have a genuine will and mind about what we were doing and have pride in what we do. You must be willing to be a part of this team with a contrite heart.

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Jungwoon’s initiatives have been able to change the lives of many people. Setting standards in the surrounding area by doing well to humanity has humbled many hearts. It is a source of encouragement for many people to start doing well too. The services that one offers to people while in the organization humble him down. I met people of diverse calibers. I interacted with the desolate people and shared in their pain. I never thought of cleaning streets in my life when people watch. This chance made me do that and all with the heart of helping others feel accepted in the society. Community service is one of my best hobbies. It normally feels expedient to make others feel loved. Using one’s knowledge, given ability to serve others by God and make their lives better is a splendid thing. It is this drive that made me approach to Jungwoon organization to accord me a chance to be one of them. They accepted my willingness to participate in their projects.

I got oriented on the activities that the organization carries out in the surrounding areas. The orientation was done in groups by the organization’s staff. I profoundly admired the master drive and was eager to be a part of it. The orientation took only one day. I was to prepare psychologically for the tasks ahead.


We had a number of responsibilities. To mention some, I washed old people who were too weak to do anything on their own. This was quite a tough challenge. It needed someone with a pure heart. The sight of old, sick and helpless person was not one of the fascinating in normal circumstances. Having pity on them and showing them love was all they needed.

It is indeed clear that there is extremely large population of neglected persons in the today’s world. These issues of neglect stroke me deep down my heart. There are many who are in dire need of attention and a feel of humanity. Old people are going through tough times and need help. I also helped the helpless wash their things and move furniture. We cooked and served them food and encouraged them to stay strong.  We were also engaged in organizing cleaning of the surrounding environment. We opened blocked drainages and collected litters around. We were also meant to create awareness among the residents of the area about prevailing pandemics. We provided counseling on certain social issues. We taught residents how to maintain high standards of hygiene. The health centre often organized free medical camps I participated in this by helping in registration and distribution of medicine. We also visited children homes, cleaned their things, taught and encouraged them.

The responsibilities that I held in Jungwoon helped me to grow sympathy for fellow human beings. It helped me to learn how to deal with pandemics. I learnt to accept a diversity of life situations, my interaction with people of various disabilities helped me to appreciate my life and thank God for giving me good health. I learnt how to nurse the sick and offer certain first aid applications. I learnt to appreciate and respect everyone despite their disabilities. Every day I looked at faces that marveled at how I helped them; I felt complete joy in my heart.

Defining Moments

Voluntary service gave me support when I needed to have it. There were several defining moments that I might not mention all but a few. The superb agility and compassion with which I did the social services depicted me more as a social worker than any other career. I realized that I loved dealing with children. Visits to disadvantaged children homes were moments that I liked the most. I enjoyed the company of little kids. They were fun to play with and aid. I listened to their stories and felt downright compassion for them. What could I do? I promised to help poor children to realize theirs personalities and abilities. I promised to initiate a project in my country that will provide means for education and healthcare for the poor.

I vividly remember one day in the light of Korean heat as we were offering our services; an old man looked at me and marveled and said “My grandchild, I’m happy to see the light of this day, I’m not the luckiest”, I drew closer and eager to listen to this old man’s thoughts of agony. He told me his story.  He was married to one wife. They stayed for long without a child. One day, after 15 years, a miracle happened. His wife conceived, “it was the happiest moment of my life”, he remarked. They celebrated the moment withal.

Little did he know that the worst was yet to happen in his life? Nine months passed and it finally came, a time for his beloved wife to deliver. They had nursed the precious baby so well in the womb. Was it to happen that the D day was to turn out to be the dooms day? As they approached the hospital compound, Jin was utterly certain that he was finally becoming a father. From the delivery room came noises of labor, Jin was sure that the baby was approaching this earth. To cut the long story short, there was a sudden silence, followed by commotion. “Why is not my son crying yet?” he wondered. Convincing himself to stay patient, he waited in faith. Slowly, the doctor opened the labor door; Jin almost jumped thinking that the doctor was bringing the only sweet anticipated news. With a cloudy face, the doctor remarked, “She could not hold the breadth for long”. “What do you intend to mean?” Jin asked. The baby and the mother had passed at delivery. He was left to wonder in this painstaking world alone. At old age, there was no one to smile around him, no one to be the heir of his humble abode. There was no one to cook and taste his food.  He had been taken by Jungwoon one month ago. I washed his wounds and warmed his heart. “Thanks grandchild, I can’t be Jin without Jungwoon”   that is all he could say as tears rolled down his cheeks. “I’m here to make you smile again”, I assured him. After one month, he passed, but I know he knew that someone was by his side. Jin helped me identify my ability to listen and warm the heart of a desolate person. That was one the most defining moments of my voluntary service experience (Sisakhti 87).

Another defining moment was when I was given the opportunity to address the community on matters pertaining to health and hygiene. I had not done that before and doing it here was undoubtedly going to be a Herculean challenge. I gathered myself up, stood straight and faced the crowd. My face almost fell off. I felt as if I was bound to tremble, but inside I was determined to remain calm and bold to be sufficiently effective. By the time I finished, everyone seemed bewildered and wanted to know more. “You are a leader and an excellent instructor,” my supervisor blurted. I believe I would not have gotten any other chance somewhere else to discover myself if not at Jungwoon.

I would like to recommend this service to others. It shows how one is mindful about others. It gives one a chance to learn how to deal with various situations of life. Those who aspire to be outstanding leaders in various organizations should first learn to give. We live in a world where charity should define the characters of a leader.

Internship is a basic requirement for students pursuing careers. From them, students gain experience and are practically able to apply theory into use. Internship is a mean of further training after class work. In most cases, it is the experience that one gets in the working field that qualifies him/her to be what he/she dreams to be.

My services in the two organizations were particularly exemplary. I got decent reports that I am proud of till today. I still have the chance to do similar voluntary services. All WSOM students should try their best and do an internship and voluntary service. It is extremely beneficial. It will boost their confidence in the service.


Internship and voluntary work are the convenient means for a student to learn and master things, I must confirm that I learnt a lot of employment dynamics. Keunil Enpla was a reputable company that provided an opportunity for me to learn. I learnt a lot and prepared for future employment. Voluntary service is another recommendation for students. Volunteering helps one appreciate many things around him. The society is made up of people of diverse descriptions. The one notable thing that connects us at the end of the day is that we all draw our origin from a common power. Humanity should prevail amongst us. We should do well to others the same way we would wish get fair treatment from others, if in the same position.

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