It does not matter if one believes in anthropogenic climate change, what is important here is that, most humans are doing away and are actually wasting this valuable resource called carbon dioxide. As much as it is being said that carbon dioxide plays a big role in the current global warming, this product can be very useful if the world will only learn how to fully utilize it. The key aspect here is to transform this harmful carbon dioxide into a very useful material. The chemistry body should coordinate with the energy companies so as to make carbon dioxide a profitable resource. The fact that it is carbon does not really mean that it must have an environmental impact. This material can be transformed in a greener manner and come up with a renewed energy thus improving our economy (Green 97).

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A higher percentage of the fuels we use are fossil fuels and it is possible to transform the industry and develop it in a greener way. This does not mean that coal and oil companies should be eliminated. We need coal, oil and natural gas for the smooth running of our lives and we can't do without them. We need coal for syngas and to assist in the manufacturing of the chemical compounds. It even costs more to capture carbon dioxide and pumping it underground. There has bee a transition and the use of the renewed energy has taken a paradigm shift compared to that of fossils. The use of the green carbon has proved to have a lesser impact on the environment. Green carbon ultimately uses hydrogen while it produces chemicals. As much as hydrocarbon has led us to improved technology, it also has a negative impact on the environment.  The new technology of green carbon reduces this negative impact on the environment.

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The use of green carbon has assisted in the reduction of fossil fuel emission. This has been successful through injecting carbon dioxide into the wells and using it again as a feedstock. This has ensured that the emission of carbon is lowered hence preserving our nature. By doing this, we are able to continue manufacturing and using plastics and fibers for as long as we live. Green carbon will assist in ensuring that there are no more losses on the carbon resources. It will also ensure that there is less emission of carbon in the use of fuels. A better alternative of carbon dioxide is to convert methane into hydrogen. Just as the name suggests, the green gas may have the problem of meeting the demand. If the demand of the product increases there is a problem of meeting the targeted demand. The fracking process is also another problem. If better purification facilities are put into place then this problem can be solved to avoid consumption of unpurified water (Wills 87- 94).


The usage of green carbon in summary actually means energy maturity.  The use of fossil fuel is now becoming a crisis and it is messing with our environment. We have remained with absolutely no option but to embrace the new energy system. While using this new system, it is very vital to ensure conservation of environment because at the end of the day, consumers seek efficient service with less harm on the nature. The strategy of the green carbon is not all about moving from fuels that has higher carbon to those with lesser carbon. It takes a very holistic shape and ensures that there is a gradual transformation and people are gradually moving away from the use of coal, gas and oil to the use of the green gas. It is taking shape and in the near future, most of the consumers will be using this product (Hoffman 147).

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