The department of Homeland Security is a government department created after the September 11 attacks in the United States of America to protect the country from emergencies especially terrorism. It is divided into five parts namely counterterrorism, border security, preparedness response recovery, immigration and cyber security (Homeland Security, 2011).

According to Homeland Security (2011) the stated functions of the various departments are listed below.

Counterterrorism division is responsible for ensuring that the country is protected by regulating the use or sale of any nuclear materials that may harm the citizens within the United States of America.

The immigration division is concerned with the identification of any person who wishes to enter the American soil and also ensuring that all the legal processes pertaining to immigration in or out of the United States of America are followed to the latter.

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Cyber security division helps the country to ensure that the computer systems and information conveyed through it are secure. Its aim is to prevent malicious damages to the system and improper use of information. It is also obligated to convey the necessary information concerning security to all the residents.

Border security is vital for a country to stay secure. Border division is, therefore, responsible for maintaining peace by securing the land borders, sea borders and air space. It is also responsible for stopping illegal criminal groups and organizations.

Emergency preparedness and response division is expected to quickly respond to disasters and other unexpected occurrences that may occur. It has trained personnel that are responsible for quick response actions and alerting people to impending dangers.

Which Department Do You Think Will Have the Greatest Impact in the Fight against Terrorism?

The department that can efficiently help in fighting against terrorism is immigration department. This can be done through access to information regarding any person or organization entering the country whether by sea, air or land due to screening of all persons, vehicles and aeroplanes.

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