Ethanol is environmental friendly because it greatly helps to reduce emission of green house gases which lead to global warming in the atmosphere. This is mainly because they are chiefly produced from crops with ability of absorbing carbon dioxide hence balancing and maintaining its concentration in the atmosphere (Zapata, 529).

It is biodegradable and renewable other than being affordable as compared to petroleum fuel which expensive. Ethanol raw materials can easily be grown by anybody and then locally produced on-site by communities using equipments that are simple, affordable and easy to maintain. Other than making ethanol an economic option, it also empowers local communities both economically and socially through job creation (Biofuel Guide, 1). Ethanol is also a sustainable source of fuel because of its being renewable and biodegradable as already looked at above. It is additionally appropriate for engines because of its ability of high lubrication of both the engine and the fuel injection pump.

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There are concerns that intensive production of ethanol fuel negatively affects food supply because food crops such as corn are now being produced for commercial production of Biofuel instead of as food crops. This is even worse when it comes to developing countries because they directly and heavily relay on agriculture for sustainability. The fight involved in completion with food supply goes a long way to create food shortage and high prices (Zapata et al, 541).

According to Biofuel Guide (1) secondly, production of ethanol involves cultivation of biomass on large pieces of land using a lot of water. In areas experiencing scarcity of water, it will definitely aggravate water problem.  This problem goes hand in hand with obliteration of wild habitat.  Due to profitability of the process, many cases of deforestation have been reported globally due to creation of croplands.

Ethanol has presented itself as the best alternative to petroleum. This is because of many advantages like being environmentally friendly and cost effective. This comes at a time when the world is suffering the adverse effects of global warming that has resulting into global climate change brought about by greenhouse gas emission.  There are some uncertainties involving ethanol such as interfering with food security and water supply but it is at present being used in many countries around the world.

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