In order to reduce arm trafficking, there is need for a collaborative effort of all stakeholders, including the community, government and NGOs. Practically, the way that trafficking in arms is going to be reduced is if the demand for it is going to be reduced. Limiting the demand for such arms might only be achieved if there is communal or state stability, where the people are taught about the importance of leaving in peace and integrating with one another without discrimination. This would require efforts from both states and NGOs to change the culture around buying and selling arms since the act is closely associated with violence in most developing countries. If people respected and valued one another, there would be no need to take arm against a neighbor, subsequently reducing the need to manufacture them.

The best way in which the state could reduce arm trafficking is to create more laws and treaties internationally that would put pressure on producers and buyers, who in most cases are the war lords in such countries. The law will bar individuals from accessing the arms and ensures that the manufacturers uphold integrity in selling those products. In this regards, the legislations should outline stringent measures to discourage arm trade because this will reduce the quantity of arms, which could be in the possession of wrong people. Probably, such people use their power to put pressure on, and extremist demands from either their government or neighboring communities.

Dealing with such separatist and extremist groups requires the good will of the community, government and extensive education by the NGOs. Inter governmental consultations and agreement will facilitate the enactment of laws, which will bar unnecessary manufacturing or acquisition of arms, because that would reduce their demands. In addition, proper coordination of the stakeholders, especially the government and NGOs will make sure that arm trade is not carried out in a way that gives room for unauthorised persons to access them. Since it is the poor people who majorly suffer during armed conflicts, discussing and passing Arm Trade Treaty will be a positive step to ultimately protect human rights and help developing countries get out of poverty. 

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